Insights with Innovators

Clare Kirlin

Article: Pharma Gets Experimental. Will You?

At the recent Digital Pharma East conference, industry leaders revealed how they are experimenting with conventional business processes once accepted as the status quo. In this article, Clare Kirlin of meltmedia shares key takeaways from their sessions — and discussion prompts to spark innovation in your organization. Read More →

Forrest King

Article: The Mandate For Designing Around The Customer Experience

The DHC asked JUICE Pharma founding partner, Forrest King, to provide an Insights with Innovators piece on the customer experience. Forrest discusses why designing around the customer experience is something that is quickly driving yet another seismic shift in creating pharma promotional work across multiple channels. Read More →

Cris de Luca

An Interview with Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s Cris De Luca

DHC Co-Founder, Mark Bard, recently had the opportunity to interview one DHC member and leader of the Boston digital health innovation scene, Cris De Luca. Cris was recently recognized as a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer by MM&M Magazine. In his interview, he addresses the innovation landscape. Read More →

Meghan Rivera

An Interview with AMAG Pharma’s Meghan Rivera

DHC’s Executive Director, Christine Franklin, recently interviewed Meghan Rivera, Vice President, Head of Women’s Health Sales and Marketing at AMAG Pharma. We sought out her perspective on the topic of patient-centricity, having watched her cultivate a culture at AMAG which genuinely prioritizes the patient. Read More →

Joyce Ercolino

An Interview with Harmony Biosciences’s Joyce Ercolino

Senior digital marketer, Joyce Ercolino, reflects on her experiences in the pharma marketing industry to offer her point of view on digital innovation trends and what makes “digital” work excellent in 2019. As she recently heard at a conference, “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. Read More →

Article: Measuring and Testing Innovation – Experts Discuss

At a recent DHC Summit, a panel of four leading experts in healthcare innovation discussed the rather simple question of “Measuring and Testing Innovation.” Led by moderator Joe Shields (President, Health Accelerators), the panel’s true focus was to engage DHC members to get real and accept that over the past decade innovation has grown up. Read More →

Article: SXSW Unpacked for DHC Members

At closerlook, we feel the best way for our agency and for our clients’ brands to stay competitive is to attend events like SXSW. We sought out sessions covering a range of topics including Digital Health, Blockchain, Empathetic and Interactive Storytelling, Diversity and Inclusion, AI, and Gamification. Here are three main themes we took away from our week at SXSW. Read More →

An Interview with Rosemary Carey, Joe Shield and Mark Bard

It’s conference season now… and we are pleased to bring you a quick excerpt from a recent DHC appearance. DHC’s co-founder, Mark Bard, had the opportunity to join Rosemarie Carey, Director of Promotional Regulatory Affairs, AstraZeneca and Joe Shields, Co-Founder of Health Accelerators for a discussion at DIA’s annual Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference in late February. Read More →

Article: Using Data Integration To Improve Patient Engagement

In looking at the major trends for 2019, the Digital Health Coalition asked our advisors to weigh in on the question of “how is pharma managing data management?” HCB Health’s Analytics Specialist, Jennifer LoMonaco, offers this excellent summary of how to approach the various data segments properly in order to successfully impact patient engagement. Read More →

An Interview with Roche’s Jim Lefevere

During our interviews with DHC Health Scholars for the December newsletter on 2019 trends, we spoke with Jim Lefevere about his thoughts on data management and its importance for 2019. His initial response was “Focus on patient engagement and ongoing data handling topics will continue to be front and center of topics for the industry.” Read More →

An Interview with Regulatory Expert Dale Cooke

For our last interview of the year, we asked Regulatory Expert and DHC Advisory Board member Dale Cooke to provide our readers with his take on what the industry needs to be ready for in 2019. As the leading authority on FDA regulations, Dale offers a unique perspective on the coming year. We are pleased to share his insights here. Read More →

An Interview with Takeda’s Steve Schaefer

DHC Co-Founder Mark Bard recently had the opportunity to interview Takeda’s Senior VP of General Medicine Business Unit, Steve Schaefer. Mark and Steve discussed how the industry’s communication landscape has changed, the new imperatives for marketers as they consider what “patient-centricity” really looks like, and how industry leaders are working smart to incorporate innovation into the corporate structure. Read More →

An Interview with Novartis Oncology’s Will Jones III

As a part of the DHC’s recent Modern Pharma Marketing eBook launch with partner Intouch Solutions, DHC Co-Founder Mark Bard interviewed Will Jones, then-director of strategy, partnering and operations for Novartis Oncology, where he spent over a decade overseeing the launch of digital innovation strategies. Mark and Will discussed the role and opportunity of AI in pharma and we are happy to share that interview with you here. Read More →

An Interview with Horizon’s Amanda Phraner

During the recent DHC webinar on the Social Media Landscape, DHC co-founder, Mark Bard, had the opportunity to discuss social media best practices and trends with Horizon Pharmaceutical’s Amanda Phraner. Amanda is currently the senior manager of public affairs and social media. Prior to her role at Horizon, she oversaw digital communications at both Baxalta and Shire, as well as being the VP of the digital health team at Edelman. Read More →

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