The Digital Health Coalition concluded a thorough six-month long search by selecting Christine Franklin as the new Managing Director effective August 1, 2013. Franklin is a former executive with DTC Perspectives and DTC National where she was responsible for a range of marketing, sales, publishing, conferences, partnerships, and fundraising activities.  She is a graduate of Rutgers.

“We feel fortunate to have found such a qualified new leader for the Digital Health Coalition,” states Joe Farris, co-founder of the Digital Health Coalition and Board President.  “We are confident that Christine has the knowledge, passion and leadership skills to continue to carry out the mission of the DHC and to strengthen our relationships with our partners.”

The Digital Health Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit think tank.  Since 2011, the DHC has worked vigorously to build a stronger, more vibrant industry of digital marketing and communications professionals.  DHC accomplishes this through its advocacy work on public policy issues; projects with partners; research and information sharing, and network building.  The membership of almost 100 global innovative thought leaders and companies is an energetic coalition of individuals representing all facets of the industry.  DHC’s mission is to enable partner organizations to better understand the power of innovation in digital health and to provide an environment where members can learn from one another and explore opportunities based on the success of others.

To learn more about the DHC and partnership opportunities, please contact Christine Franklin at … [email protected]