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Video Interviews With Industry Leaders

The Digital Health Coalition partners with a wide array of pharmaceutical industry leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate and disseminate insights on a range of topics related to digital pharmaceutical marketing innovation. 

Recent Short Takes

Web Sun

President & Co-Founder at Komodo Health – View LinkedIn

The explosion of data in health has created opportunities and challenges for companies seeking to better understand how to align their clinical trials, product launch, and ongoing marketing and sales strategies based on real world data. Komodo has pulled data together to help health care companies and life sciences firms understand how to better target, understand, and optimize patient outcomes. This conversation with Web Sun covers recent data trends, how pharma companies can overcome the data to insight challenge, and what’s ahead for real world evidence.  

Heidi Anderson Hupe

SVP, ASO Strategy at Teladoc – View LinkedIn

You can’t talk about the role of digital over the past two years without a conversation about connected care, remote monitoring, and tele-health. When you think of tele-health … you think of Teladoc. Not only have they continued to reinvent the connected care model, they have expanded their reach with acquisitions such as Livongo (care management and monitoring). Learn about where the market is today for patients, physicians, payers, pharma and employers — and where it’s headed in the near future with industry expert Heidi Anderson Hupe.

Derek Choy

Co-Founder & COO at Aktana – View LinkedIn
Using data to direct the pharma field force is nothing new. However, combining cutting edge AI, deep data, and strategic integration within the overall field strategy is yielding significant results within pharma companies focused on going beyond the tech-enabled force to fuel the next generation of the data driven sales concierge model. Hear where Derek Choy thinks the market is headed in the coming years and where data will drive even more value for pharma sales and marketing.

Richard Schwartz

Life Sciences and Medical Device Industry Cx Practice Lead at Medallia – View LinkedIn

Customer feedback? Customer service? Customer experience? Pharma companies often confuse the concept of feedback and service with the forward-thinking concept of true customer experience – where leading brands use data, insights, and real time platforms to not only solve problems but predict them before they even happen. Join Rich as he discusses the future of Cx in life sciences and what it will take for brands to make the leap to true Cx.

Spencer Curtis

Head of Digital Strategy, Otsuka Pharmaceutical – View LinkedIn

A conversation with Spencer Curtis about identifying future talent, mentoring future leaders, and preparing the next generation for innovation. The discussion also touches on the role of big tech in digital health, drivers of digital therapeutics, reaching the audiences in most need of digital health solutions, and how pharma companies can partner with innovative companies and startups. 

Monique Levy

Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, Woebot Health  – View LinkedIN

Monique and Mark discuss digital market trends and the current landscape for digital therapeutics. Topics of discussion also include the role of mobile devices in patient health as well as opportunities with patient level data. 

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