Pharmacy innovations:

Pharma's Role in Impacting Script Access and Medication Adherence

March 2024

Pharmacy Innovations:
Pharma's Role in Impacting Script Access
and Medication Adherence

This project reviews innovative approaches and strategies linking pharmacies (retail, specialty, independent) and pharma companies/brands based on exclusive data collected by The DHC Group, Sermo, and MARS Consumer Health via M3 MI.

Collective leading edge experts provide an industry guide to the innovation that’s possible at the pharmacy now – both patient and pharmacist-facing – as well as a clearer picture of what is coming.

INdustry Report

As an industry, pharmaceutical marketers spend a significant amount of time, money, and effort to motivate and get consumers and patients to the pharmacy – the fill.

However, while we spend a lot of time thinking about marketing and getting the suitable patients to the doctor’s office, in many cases, we don’t think about the “last mile” and what happens at the pharmacy setting when they have the final conversion from Rx to treatment in hand (or bag). Do they have the correct information to alleviate potential concerns about side effects? Do they have the right and most recent information related to their coverage and benefits for their first fill – and subsequent fills? 

As an industry, brands may lose anywhere from 20% to 40% of patients between the Rx and the pharmacy fill. How can brands partner with physicians, patients, and pharmacies to reduce this leakage in the system?

In this overview from The DHC Group and partners GoodRx, MedAdvisors Solutions, and Syneos Health the pharmacist’s role over time is studied and reviewed (with new research), along with understanding the macro trends in the pharmacy setting. Building on the macro market trends, reviewing the patient experience in the days leading up to the pharmacy interaction is studied and analyzed for future enhancements.

This overview also takes a look at what’s happening in the actual pharmacy setting with regard to the tech, connectivity to the outside world, and what resources and services pharmacies are demanding with future updates.

Finally, the overview closes with comments from those with direct pharma experience about how they see the pharmacist’s role, pharmacy, and where pharma fits into the “pharmacy of the future” long term.

Industry Expert insights

Innovation: Pharmacists & Digital Research Highlights
Mark Bard
Co-Founder, The DHC Group

Future of the Pharmacy
Adrian Garcia
EVP, Managing Director, Syneos Health

Pharmacy Innovations and Trends
Patrick Hawthorne, RPh
VP Pharmacy Network Development, MedAdvisor Solutions

  • John Frazzette, Merck
  • Mary Roberts, former GSK
  • Patrick Hawthorne, RPh, MedAdvisor Solutions
  • Adrian Garcia, Syneos Health
  • Divya Iyer, GoodRx
  • Brian Peterson, MedAdvisor Solutions
  • Mark Bard, The DHC Group
Physician Perspective

Interview with Dr. Phil deKerillis DO, FACOEP

In this interview between
Mark Bard, Co-Founder of The DHC Group,
and Dr. Phil deKerillis, Medical Advisor at Deerfield Agency, the topic of the evolving role of the pharmacist in the US health delivery system is explained and discussed in detail.
In addition to patient and professional education for pharmacies and pharmacists, the conversation touches on the relative opportunities between and across therapeutic categories and specific products with outsized opportunities for pharma in the pharmacy space.

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