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HCP Social Media Marketing Insights

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HCP Social Media Marketing Insights

Social has become a serious landscape for HCP’s professional and clinical engagement as well as a principal medium for communicating with patients and caregivers. Getting targeting, engagement and reporting right is critical for brands. LiveWorld and Sermo co-host this webinar, providing an expanded look at newly released research of pharma marketers and HCPs, exploring who, how, when, and why HCPs use social media for professional and clinical purposes.

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HCP Social Media Influencers
June 29, 2022

HCP Social Media Influencers

In this webinar, new data is shared from physician research completed June 2022 on the Sermo network. The study focused on how physicians view both gated (Sermo, Doximity) and public social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). Subject matter experts include Danny Flamberg (LiveWorld), Erin Fitzgerald (Sermo), and Lisa Bookwalter (Twitter),

engaging hcp digital influencers
January 12, 2022

Engaging HCP Digital Influencers

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to a new class of digital HCP influencers responding to the growing demand for peer-to-peer interaction and real-time consultation. Subject matter experts include Danny Flamberg (LiveWorld), Rishi Kadiwar (LiveWorld) and Lisa Bookwalter (Twitter).

June 22, 2021

Cracking the HCP Social Code

In this webinar, LiveWorld and DHC shared research findings from both HCPs and marketers revealing how far HCPs have come and what marketers need to do in response including key knowledge gaps and how they’re impacting success in HCP social marketing now. Subject matter experts include Chad Parizman (Pfizer), Danny Flamberg (LiveWorld), and Mark Bard (DHC Group).


New Voices of Influence Series

A new class of digital HCP influencers is emerging on social media. LiveWorld has been studying these new thought leaders trying to understand how much influence they really have. And where these new influentials fit into pharma and life sciences marketing plans. So, they created a video interview series titled “New Voices of Influence” hosted by their Chief Medical Officer, Umar Siddiqui, MD. Check out the interviews below.

March 9, 2022

New Voices of Influence | Dr. Chester Donnally

Dr. Chester Donnally is passionate about empowering patients through social media. As a spine surgeon, he has contributed to more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and a dozen book chapters, and numerous speaking engagements across the country. In this interview, Dr. Donnally discusses his background, when and why he started using social media, trends in digital health, and more!
January 6, 2022

New Voices of Influence | Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP is a mom, pediatrician, and Chief Medical Officer for SpoonfulONE. She has been a leading voice in health care, working to revolutionize health communications to bridge the gap between parents and doctors. In this interview, Dr. Swanson discusses her background, audience, how HCPs engage and use social media, and more!


Testing Pharma Marketers' Knowledge of HCP Social Media Marketing

We asked over 100 industry colleagues to share their knowledge about the rapidly-changing HCP digital and social landscape in a 90-second quiz. Here’s the headline: We’re facing a major disconnect.


of responding HCPs

have taken an action after seeing professional content on social media.


of responding HCPs

communicate with patients via social media – the majority (75%) via Facebook.

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