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The Digital Health Coalition partners with a wide array of pharmaceutical industry leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate and disseminate research on a range of topics related to digital pharmaceutical marketing innovation. Survey results, white-paper analysis, and key takeaways are shared across the DHC network, presented at DHC Summits and webinars and covered at major industry conferences.

Featured Research

April 2024

In our 2023 Year End Trends industry survey, Customer Experience topped the list of trends pharma marketers are most interested in for 2024. In response, The DHC Group assembled a group of leading industry experts to study Patient Customer Experience in pharma.

Pharma industry research and consumer data were collected in partnership with Qualtrics and Sermo. Those results were shared and used by a dynamic group of partners in presentation of best practices for key facets of patient customer experience.

March 2024

This project reviews innovative approaches and strategies linking pharmacies (retail, specialty, independent) and pharma companies/brands based on exclusive data collected by The DHC Group, Sermo, and MARS Consumer Health via M3 MI.

Collective leading edge experts provide an industry guide to the innovation that’s possible at the pharmacy now – both patient and pharmacist-facing – as well as a clearer picture of what is coming


As GenAI evolves at a record pace, pharma commercial teams must keep pace without losing sight of the overall business strategy. Understanding, testing, and extracting value from GenAI is critical for the majority of commercial teams across the pharmaceutical, bio, and life sciences landscape today.

The potential impact of GenAI within pharma ranges from MLR, creative, audience building, targeting, patient support programs, field force content optimization, as well as the broader category of customer experience programs with both patients and physicians


Learn more about digital trends, sales, marketing, and what’s ahead for digital health and digital pharma strategies from leading experts and innovators.

The Digital Health Coalition partners with our network of pharmaceutical industry leaders and key stakeholders, to facilitate and disseminate insights on a range of topics related to digital pharmaceutical marketing innovation.

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