This interview between Mark Bard, Co-Founder of The DHC Group and Dr. Hansa Bhargava, Chief Clinical Strategy and Innovation at Healio, covers several key topics related to healthcare and technology. Dr. Bhargava discussed her motivation for pursuing medicine, particularly in pediatrics.

Dr. Bhargava highlights physician burnout as a major issue, citing administrative burdens like EMRs as a leading cause. She expresses excitement about the potential of AI and emerging technologies to reduce burnout and improve clinical efficiency through applications like transcription, prior authorization, and clinical decision support. She also addresses the double-edged nature of patient access to online health information, emphasizing the need for vetted, trustworthy sources. Additionally, Dr. Bhargava speaks about using technology to reach underserved populations, improve clinical trial diversity, and enhance access to care through solutions like telehealth and digital therapeutics – however, stressing the importance of involving physicians in the development of new technologies and providing proper education to ensure responsible adoption of AI tools.