Press Release – Condé Nast Joins the DHC as Corporate Supporting Partner – September 2019


Condé Nast Contact: Samantha Kane
Phone: 212-286-3809
Email: [email protected]

DHC Contact: Christine Franklin
Phone: 410-344-7580
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Condé Nast to share key insights on consumer behavior, engagement, and innovations in health advertising with DHC membership

Brooklyn, NY (September 17, 2019) The DHC (Digital Health Coalition), a not for profit organization that serves as the collective industry voice for the digital marketing of healthcare products and services, is announcing the addition of Condé Nast to its roster of donor partners. The company’s decision to become a DHC supporting partner is key for the continued education of DHC members on topics such as the changing relationship between physicians and patients, evolving patient expectations and behaviors, trends in health information consumption, the growing impact of experiential activations, and the highly-effective use of video as a component of healthcare communication.

quoteDHC Co-Founder Mark Bard said, “As the DHC continues to grow our efforts to inform and educate industry leaders on innovation in digital health marketing, we are delighted to welcome as donors Condé Nast and the diverse thought leaders they represent. We look forward to the entire DHC membership benefitting from the insights shared.”

Condé Nast’s authority in digital healthcare was highlighted at both Cannes Lions Health and the inaugural PHM HealthFront this summer. At Cannes, Condé Nast, along with PHM, unveiled ”The Doc with the Dragon Tattoo,” a collaborative investigation on the future of health and shifting relationship between patients and physicians. After receiving rave reviews during Cannes, the panel was presented in the U.S. at the PHM HealthFronts.

Condé Nast participated in three additional panels at the inaugural event, highlighting the latest content offerings in video and digital, and expert insights into health consumers’ behaviors for pharmaceutical marketers, and business and health media. Additionally, this spring Condé Nast cemented their place as the leading video content creator with the launch of the company’s “Modern Day Health Network”, a full funnel solution offering alternatives to linear TV buying and quality health video at scale.

quote from Condé Nast - DHC supporting partner“I am thrilled to support the DHC and share Condé Nast Health’s expertise as storytellers, content creators, and health consumer behavior analysts with DHC’s membership,” said Carrie Moore, Head of Condé Nast Health. “Conde Nast is committed to creating first-to market, solution-oriented products for pharmaceutical marketers and organizations, and to helping our partners throughout the health industry.”

Among the first educational collaborations between Condé Nast and the DHC is the release of a virtual The Doc with a Dragon Tattoo digital experience. For more information, please visit

The DHC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to serve as the collective voice and industry rallying point for the discussion of the current and future issues relevant to digital marketing of healthcare products and services. The DHC engages multiple and diverse stakeholders through research, events, and advocacy projects and then recommend specific actions that will drive innovation. The DHC seeks member companies to help improve the use of digital technologies to engage patients and providers, and to advocate for biopharma’s role as a key stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.