Ongoing Frustration with Current Pharma Marketing Training and Conferences Drives Action

Brooklyn, NY (February 19, 2019) The Digital Health Coalition (DHC), an educational non-profit association focused on the biopharma industry, has announced the creation of a new pharmaceutical marketing learning series, through funding from the association’s new DHC cornerstone partner, Corvus Solutions, a Think Patients company. This Spring, Corvus Solutions and the Digital Health Coalition will be joining with other DHC members to develop and launch the first in a series of on-demand education modules, designed to help biopharma marketers become better informed and more capable digital marketers.

DHC Co-Founder Mark Bard reinforced the mission and need for broad industry education, saying, “We formed the Digital Health Coalition in response to a need for an unbiased forum where marketers, agency executives, and solution providers could debate and drive the use of innovative digital technologies as the cornerstone of healthcare engagement. The many years of in-depth consultation and support that Corvus Solutions and its parent company Think Patients have provided to biopharma marketing teams makes them ideally suited to help us deliver our mission and shape the future of digital health. We look forward to working with Corvus Solutions, under the leadership of Jacquelyn Crane, to advance our educational offerings and industry services at a rapid pace throughout 2019, and beyond.”

Ms. Crane, president of Corvus Solutions and a Registered Nurse, will help develop the new curriculum as a member of the DHC Advisory Board, focusing on areas such as electronic health records, HCP and patient engagement through health IT channels, and the use of technology to advance value-based care and patient and provider engagement. “Our clients are asking for assistance with training their marketers in the use of digital health tools as engagement vehicles, and they want to know how to best prepare their products to be accurately described within those tools,” said Ms. Crane. “But too often, they have already been exposed to misinformation or been given advice that actually hinders their ability to properly inform and engage their customers over the life of their product. By working with the DHC to create foundational education in key areas, we hope to help develop biopharma marketers whose goals for engagement through Health IT can be met and exceeded, while enhancing the reputation of, and respect for, the biopharma community as a stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.”

Digital Health Coalition members and regular subscribers to DHC email communications will receive additional details about the new education resources in the coming months. Click here to sign up for DHC updates now. 

The Digital Health Coalition ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to serve as the collective voice and industry rallying point for the discussion of the current and future issues relevant to digital marketing of healthcare products and services. The DHC engages multiple and diverse stakeholders through research, events, and advocacy projects and then recommend specific actions that will drive innovation. The DHC seeks member companies to help improve the use of digital technologies to engage patients and providers, and to advocate for biopharma’s role as a key stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.

Corvus Solutions ( serves biopharma companies by providing innovation management services that include the application of health IT technology, and by helping biopharma marketers develop high-performance marketing and project delivery teams.


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