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DHC Adds Leader in Pharmacy Communications to Member Roster, Providing New Insights

Brooklyn, NY (September 25, 2019) The DHC (Digital Health Coalition), an educational non-profit association focused on the biopharma industry, has expanded the group’s ability to educate members on the pharmacy space. Pharmacy communications industry leader Rx EDGE Media Network joined the DHC’s membership in August, and will be working with the DHC advisory board to provide insights and answers to questions DHC members have on digital innovation opportunities in the pharmacy sector.

DHC Executive Director Christine Franklin commented on the new relationship, saying, “As the pharma digital innovation landscape continues to shift towards a more consumer-centric mindset, the need to understand patients and their motivations at the pharmacy increases. We are thrilled to welcome Rx EDGE to work with us on sharing new insights with the DHC membership.”

Rx EDGE brings to the DHC a strong leadership team that possesses knowledge of all key aspects of pharma marketing through their unique methods of reaching patients, combined with unparalleled targeting and measurement capabilities. Rx EDGE is a data driven company that delivers quantifiable program results validated by rigorous third-party metrics and reporting.

quote“DHC has an outstanding reputation for offering relevant information and education to its members. Personally, I am delighted at the opportunity to learn more about today’s digital quandaries and innovations, directly from DHC’s members and leaders. I look forwarding to collaborating as colleagues and friends, and hope that as we grow into our membership, we in turn can help you by sharing our own collective knowledge and experiences,” summarized Nate Lucht, President & CEO of Rx EDGE and Leverage Point Media, speaking on behalf of his team.

Rx EDGE will join the DHC at two upcoming member gatherings this fall – first the DHC Fall Summit at AstraZeneca on October 8th and then convening West Coast members at Genentech on November 14th. Each event will bring together thought leaders, research experts, and change makers to openly discuss current challenges, hear exclusive reports from DHC projects, and trigger new ideas on innovation. Content will be provided by curated thought leaders and innovators. DHC events are supported and attended by corporate members and current employees of pharmaceutical and biotech companies – in line with DHC’s mission to drive education in digital health marketing. Event details are available at

About DHC

The DHC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to serve as the collective voice and industry rallying point for the discussion of the current and future issues relevant to digital marketing of healthcare products and services. The DHC engages multiple and diverse stakeholders through research, events, and advocacy projects and then recommend specific actions that will drive innovation. The DHC seeks member companies to help improve the use of digital technologies to engage patients and providers, and to advocate for biopharma’s role as a key stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.

About Rx EDGE

Since our inception in 2000, Rx EDGE has played a significant role in supporting pharma brands who want to reach health information-seeking consumers. We have achieved this by delivering brand information to engaged audiences using a unique combination of digital marketing tools and in-pharmacy display media. Our experience spans over 80 therapeutic categories and 185 Rx brands. It includes partnerships with the nation’s leading retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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