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Thought Leaders Weighed In on The Digitally Led Landscape

Held March 15th at Sanofi, the DHC Summit features case studies, thought leader POVs and panel discussions with key stakeholders.  This Summit will focused on innovations and challenges on the Digitally Led Journey.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding resources to this page, so check back often. This page will include the videos and slides from the summit as well as supplemental featured resources we’ve hand-picked for you.

Elevating HCP Experience with a Digitally-Enabled Field Force

Featured Resources

NEW From Underscore Marketing
Where, How and When HCPs Engage with Campaigns

NPI Navigator is Underscore Marketing’s latest HCP-targeting offering that leverages NPI-level data & analytics insights to uncover new, highly defined physician-level audiences based on first-party data sets combined with CRM and Rx data for an actionable 360-degree view of the HCP. Download their free brochure now.

Omnichannel Readiness Checklist

Omnichannel marketing is the ultimate customer-centric strategy. Before you begin your omnichannel adventure, you need to be prepared. Use meltmedia’s checklist to test your readiness.

New physician research
Adapting to New Trends in HCP Learning and Education

Insights into the attitudes and comfort levels of Healthcare Professionals with live meetings and education in the pandemic age. This article from Healio Strategic Solutions explores to what extent the lack of travel has impacted learning about new medical information.

Personalize Omnichannel Programs with AI and RWD

Artificial intelligence and real-world data allow for a new level of personalization in omnichannel HCP engagement programs – but only when these tools are used in the right way. We have a free, step-by-step guide to solving three common brand challenges, using a precision engagement methodology that aligns brand content to current HCP needs and the patient care journey.