The Digital Health Coalition host invite only events with content and networking, for healthcare marketers and partners of the Digital Health Coalition. The summits bring together thought leaders, research experts, and change makers to openly discuss current challenges, hear exclusive reports from DHC projects, and trigger new ideas on innovation.

The DHC East Coast Trends Workshop was held November 2018 at Ferring (Parsippany, NJ)

The DHC Midwest Summit was held October 2018 at Takeda (Deerfield, IL).

The DHC East Coast Summit was held May 2018 at Sanofi (Bridgewater, NJ).

The DHC Northeast Summit was held April 2018 at Biogen (Cambridge, MA).

Digital Health Coalition Fall Summit

November 2017
New York, NY

Transparency in Media and Advertising
Transcript and Video Archive

Chatbots in Health and Pharma
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Digital Health Coalition Midwest Summit

September 26, 2017
Chicago, IL


Social Media Landscape Research from DHC & Klick Health
Brad Einarsen, Senior Director, Social Media, Klick Health
Mark Bard, Co-Founder, Digital Health Coalition

The Evolution of Social: From Validation to Authentic Connection And Why Pharma Should Pay Attention
Todd Zander, VP Product, Healthline Media

Understanding the Context of the Digital Health Innovation Environment  – Digital Health Funding
Megan Zweig, Research Director, Rock Health

Empowering Health Stakeholders and Increasing Effectiveness at the Moment of Care
Christopher Abtahi, Executive Director, Life Science Solutions, Outcome Health

Challenges & Solutions for HCP Digital Measurement
Nina Kirshenbaum, Analytics Services Director, Crossix

Creating New Immersive, AI-Powered, Experiences
Justin Chase, EVP, Intouch Solutions

Demystifying AI in Healthcare
Megan Zweig, Research Director, Rock Health


Digital Health Coalition West Coast Summit

March 2017
San Francisco, CA

Understanding the Trends and Landscape for Physicians
Amit Phull, MD, Medical Director, Doximity

The Successful Use of Digital Non-Personal Promotion Strategies
Lyndi Hirsh, VP of Strategy, Everyday Health
Amy Howard, Director, Interactive Marketing, Genentech
Ben Putman, SVP, Creative Technology and Innovation, JUICE

The Changing Regulatory Climate and Its Impact on Physicians and Clients
Dr. Richard Loomis, CMO, Practice Fusion

Making The Right Decisions for Physician Promotion: Whitespace Geo targeting vs Sales Force Augmentation
Ryan Mason, CCO, Closerlook
Damon Basch, VP, Practice Fusion
Linda Ruschau, CCO, Patient Point
Sarah Mills, Associate Group Manager, Multichannel Marketing, Genentech

Recent Physician Data and Implications, New DHC Research
Mark Bard, Co-Founder, Digital Health Coalition

Innovation that Means Business
Bill Drummy, Founder and CEO, Heartbeat

Cultivating Data Strategies that Include Patient Satisfaction
David Kopp, CEO, Healthline

The Use of Data to Improve Media Optimization and Creative
Ira Haimowitz, VP, Crossix
Sam Johnson, Director, Data Science, InTouch Solutions
Ben Clark, Sr. Manager, Media Analytics, Interactive Marketing, Genentech
Dan Haller, Group Engagement Director, Heartbeat

The Start-Up Innovator’s Role – A Profile of Xpress Connect
Kimberly Corbitt, Founder, Xpress Connect and Bob Palmer, EVP, JUICE

Executive Fireside Chat
Kevin Noble, Senior Director, Commercial Strategy, Genentech
Mark Bard, Co-Founder, DHC

Digital Health Coalition Fall Summit

September 2016
Bridgewater, NJ

Link to the Presentations (streaming video)

Let’s Set the Stage, Takeaways from the Google, Wharton, and McKinsey eBook – Brian Fox, Senior Partner, McKinsey

Regulatory Update – Understanding the Landscape – Dale Cooke, Regulatory Expert, PhillyCooke Consulting

The Use of Payer Data – Lou Sanquini, VP, Strategic Programs, Healthagens/Aetna

Proving the Value of Rx Through Data – Lori Grant, President, Klick Health – Ari Schaefer, VP, Group Account Director, Klick Health

The Landscape of Mobile-Centric Digital Health – Jeff Greene of New Solutions Factory

Trends in Social Video (Panel) – Katie Collins, Lead Healthcare Strategist, Twitter – Bhavin Vakani, Partner Lead, YouTube/Google – George Alafoginis, Business Development Manager, Facebook

Data on the Optimization of Mobile – Shannon Gallagher, VP of Analytics Services, Crossix

The Impact of Mobile in Patient / Physician Communication – Julie Cain, VP, Product Strategy, PatientPoint – Jody Scharfenberger, Digital Lead, PatientPoint

Innovations In Programmatics and the Pharma Applications – Chris Neuner, SVP/GM Digital Health Solutions, PulsePoint Bill Jennings, President, PageScience

Inspiration from Start-Up Innovation – Jon Cooper, Founder,

Patient Groups Online and Pharma – Nan-Kirsten Forte, SVP, Healthline

Fireside Chat with Sanofi’s Thomas Feitel, Global Head, Digital Strategy and Innovation – Moderated by DHC’s Mark Bard


Digital Health Coalition Midwest Summit

June 2016
Deerfield, IL

Link to the Presentations (streaming video)
* the format of the recording for most presentations is the slides showing (where applicable) with the speaker video in the top right 

The Innovation Landscape – Understanding the Realities of Putting Technology into Action
Dr. Griffin Myers, Founder and CMO, Oak Street Health

Pharma Innovator RoundTable
• Amanda Phraner, Director, Digital Communications, Baxalta • Jim Lefevere, Director, Global Marketing Strategy and Services; Head of Global Digital Marketing, Roche • Tracy Yedlin, Sr, Manager, Customer Engagement & Marketing Innovation Team, Takeda Pharmaceuticals • Moderated by Michael Spitz, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Klick Health  

Understanding Customer Touchpoint Opportunities – The Customer Journey
• Mike McCartney, SVP-General Manager, Sandbox • Mike Steward, Chief Analytics Officer, Encima Group

Building a Digital Platform in Pharma From Scratch – Real World Experience From a Brand Manager Who Did It
Nick Martin, Product Manager, SANTYL Ointment, Smith and Nephew

Understanding Physician Attitudes and Adoption Trends of Digital Technologies
Meg Barron, Director, Digital Health Strategy, AMA

Discussion on Understanding Physician Attitudes and Adoptions of Technology
• Barbara Senich, SVP, Research, PDR Network • Damon Basch, VP, Solutions and Partnerships, Practice Fusion • Meg Barron, Director, Digital Health Strategy, AMA • Michael Tapson, CTO, Closerlook • Moderated by Mark Bard, Founder, DHC

Impacting Patient Experience with Non-Wearable Digital Tech
• Steve Collens, Founder, MATTER Chicago • Ashik Desai, EVP, Growth and Business Analytics, ContextMedia:Health • James Gain, Chief Technology Officer, Patient Point • Robert Palmer, EVP, Managing Director, JUICE Pharma • Moderated by David Davidovic, Founder, pathForward

An Introduction to the DHC’s role in the new #ALLin project
Wendy Blackburn, EVP, InTouch Solutions


Digital Health Coalition Spring Summit

April 13, 2016
New York, NY

Link to the Presentations (streaming video)
* the format of the recording for most presentations is the slides showing (where applicable) with the speaker video in the top right 

Dan Gandor, Head of Takeda Accelerator on Takeda’s New Patient Centric Approach

Thought Leader Panel: How Marketers Can Help Pharma Adopt a “Service Company” Mentality in a “Product Company” World
-­‐ Ryan Mason, CCO, closerlook
-­‐ Tom Hespos, Founder, CMO, Underscore Marketing
-­‐ Katie Collins, Lead Healthcare Strategist, Twitter
-­‐ Ashik Desai, EVP, ContextMedia

Zoe Dunn, Social Media Expert on Social Media Wishlist

Dale Cooke, Regulatory Landscape Update

Michael Spitz, VP, Strategy and Brad Einarsen, Director, Digital Insights of Klick Health
DHC and Klick Health Social Media Landscape Study Results

Ed Keller, President, Engagement Labs on Lessons from The Best in Social Media Communication in Banking 1

Pat Quinn, Founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a Patient POV

Start-Up Innovators Profile: Anne Bentley, CMO, Medivo Dr. Josh Landy, Founder, Fig1 David Weingard, CEO, Fit4D

Fireside Chat with Judy Sewards, Pfizer and Mark Bard, DHC

Digital Health Coalition Fall Summit

September 29, 2015
Philadelphia, PA

The Life of the Physician in the Digital Age, Jay Parkinson, MD

A Regulatory Landscape Update, Dale Cooke, Philly Cooke

HCP Engagement Best Practices, Ryan Mason, CMO, closerlook

Digital POC Trends with Ashik Desai, Context Media

Exploring the Cutting Edge of Remote Care — Juan Pablo Segura, Babyscripts, Adam Simon, Cerora, Samant Virk, Medisprout
Moderated discussion by John Leone, IO Media

EHR Landscape Study by DHC and JUICE Pharma, presented by Bob Palmer and Malcolm MacKenzie of JUICE, with contributions from Barbara Senich, PDR Network

Cadence of Digital Communications to Achieve Optimal Physician/Patient Outcomes
Panelists: Denise Esakoff and Elizabeth Bridgers, Everyday Health Moderator: Shwen Gwee, Biogen

Pharma Fireside Chat – Mark Bard, Mike McNally