Thank you to all attendees and speakers of the November 13th, 2018 Roundtable! If you have any event questions or comments, please contact Christine Franklin, DHC’s Executive Director, at [email protected].

We are happy to share here the PDFs of speaker presentations (as made available to the DHC).

Mark Bard, DHC – 2019 Trends According to DHC Health Scholars

Joe Shields, Health Accelerators – Balancing the Now with the New – Running a Brand in 2019

Harry Stavrou and Colin Foster, HCB Health – Trend 2: Using Mobile/Voice to Enhance Customer Experience

Brendan McHenry, Healthline – Importance of the Authentic Voice

Traver Hutchins, PatientPoint – Trend 3: Point of Care Goes Beyond the Office Visit

Joe Meadows, ThinkPatients – Trend 4: EHR Becomes Part of the Mix

If you would like a copy of Henry Anderson’s (Heartbeat) slides on Social Innovation, please email him directly: henry.anderson(at)  You can take the social media survey from Henry’s presentation here:  Disruption or Delivery? 2018 Social Media & Commercial Strategy Review.