The Digital Health Coalition would like to thank all the supporters and participants of the 2013 Fall DHC Summit!

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The 2013 Fall Summit Featured:

The Mobile MediaLandscape, a joint project between the DHC and JUICE Pharma Worldwide, is a review of the top pharmaceutical brands, their level of mobile “readiness” and the brands that we feel represent the latest thinking in mobile pharma today. Copy of the slides presented at the DHC Fall Summit.

View the presentation by Bob Palmer, EVP, Managing Director and Alec Pollak, VP, Director of User Experience, both of JUICE Pharma

The 2013 Executive Landscape Study, a joint project between the DHC and Google, is the voice of the DHC Membership, with responses from a total of 60 members/organizations. 2013 survey topics included digital, online video, mobile, and change management/innovation.

View the presentation by Ryan Olohan, National Industry Director, Healthcare at Google

And a copy of the slides of the DHC/Google 2013 Executive Landscape Study are available here:


A Presentation from Expert Howard Jacobson on Change Management in the Digital Age
Howard shared mindsets, strategies and techniques to enlist colleagues as fellow change agents rather than obstacles to change.  This presentation showed how to leverage the results-accountable feature of digital communication to move colleagues from conviction to curiosity. Included practical tactics to reduce risk, increase buy-in, and smooth over those seemingly irreconcilable differences.

(Click image above for a PDF of Jacobson’s presentation.)

View the Video of Howard Jacobson’s Presentation:

Thought Leader Panel on Change Management (VIDEO)

Marc Monseau

Howard Jacobson, Change Management Expert
David Davidovic, Founder and President, pathForward and former Genentech
Erik Hawkinson, Vice President, Global Head of Strategic Marketing, Roche
Melissa Bojorquez, Director, Integrated Digital Media, Boehringer Ingelheim

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