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Getting the Details Right:

HCP Omnichannel activation strategies

February 20223

A DHC Group Project


Getting the Details Right: HCP Omnichannel Activation Strategies

This is a collaborative POV presented to the industry from The DHC Group and Relevate Health, designed to empower industry leaders and decision makers in order to measurably improve HCP engagement. In addition to thought leaders from DHC Group and Relevate Health, the findings and recommendations in this piece draw on interviews with subject matter experts.  

“Ultimately, activation strategies must be based on data-driven targeting and engagement tactics designed to connect the right message with the right HCP at the right time; this strategic amalgam always considers field force access to HCPs, KOLs, and peer-to-peer interactions to build meaningful relationships. As omnichannel communication becomes the expectation of our HCP customers, the industry must begin to create more personalized and engaging communications for their audiences.”
– Tim Pantello, CEO, Relevate Health

Included Areas of Focus

The Role Data Plays as the “Fuel” to Power Targeting, Engagement, and Ultimately, Activation

The Challenges, What is Working in the Current Environment and What is Possible Given the Present People, Process, Culture, and Technology

A Look into The Future with The Evolution of Privacy Regulations, Modular Content and More

Featuring Two Case Studies On what’s Working Now in Omnichannel Activation

PREVIEW: Case Study Campaign Results

  • In the first year, unbranded campaign efforts generated 80% market awareness as a novel disease target
  • The Brand broke first-year launch records in the therapeutic category with $1 billion in US sales
  • Post-product launch, AI and machine learning platforms analyzed and helped in optimizing branded content to generate: