Article: McKinsey's Brian Fox on Navigating an Uneven Recovery - April 2020


Navigating an Uneven Recovery

DHC’s Mark Bard interviewed Brian Fox, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company on his perspective on the current climate for pharma around COVID-19. This conversation is summarized in the 8 minute video provided here →

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COVID-19 and Commercial Pharma: Navigating an Uneven Recovery

To respond best to the changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, pharma companies should consider reorienting their commercial models to fit the needs of healthcare providers and patients better. The COVID-19 crisis is creating an extraordinary strain on society, which must deal with the infection, the fear of infection, and the physical, emotional, and financial implications of physical distancing.

In this environment, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are facing unprecedented challenges: advising and treating patients with suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19, finding ways to tailor treatment recommendations, and providing effective care (often remotely). In some instances, they are also worrying about their financial security as practices and health systems face unprecedented financial issues. Read Here →


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