Article: Rise of Digital Delivery for Non-Personal Promotion Created by COVID-19 - April 2020



Virtual Roundtable with DHC’s Co-Founder, Mark Bard

Last week, DHC’s Co-Founder, Mark Bard, hosted a virtual roundtable on the rapid rise of digital delivery for non-personal promotion due to the very dynamic environment created by COVID-19. This panel examines what’s happening in the physician practice and what that means for pharma now.

Roundtable participants included Mark Davis (SVP, Multichannel Delivery at HCB Health), Neil Keene (Pharma Marketer, Consultant,, and Heath Morlok (Sr. Director, Market Value & Impact, Everyday Health Professional). Mark Bard opens by reminding the audience that physicians in 2020 are facing a never-before-seen situation: some physicians have closed practices, some are only seeing emergency patients and most are trying to figure out telemedicine if they haven’t before.

It’s important for pharma marketers to grasp that reality as they make critical decisions to ensure a continued communication stream with HCPs. The panel then turns attention to unpacking current best practices on shifting materials designed for sales rep delivery to digital delivery.

Key Takeaways from Roundtable

This video (a 7 minute watch) provides the key takeaways from this important conversation about digital delivery.

Further Insights in to the Current HCP Landscape

For further insights in to the current HCP Landscape and the Impact of COVID-19, the DHC, with member partner Sermo, has released two infographics on recent physician survey results. Erin Fitzgerald, Sermo’s SVP of Marketing, noted “With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of healthcare systems, we’re seeing more physicians turn to online communities and information resources to adapt to the changing environment, from telemedicine to learning about new treatment options.”


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