Linking Omnichannel to Overall Strategy

A DHC Group Project

About the project

In order to address Linking Omnichannel to Overall Strategy, we spoke with omnichannel stakeholders to better understand whether the underlying omnichannel efforts by individual brands are supported by their organization at both the brand level and as part of the overall organizational strategy.

We asked thought leaders how well omnichannel is linked with overall strategy today, what is working, and the steps brands need to take to make sure their efforts are driven by purpose rather than just the latest tech or content that happens to be available.

“It is all about value, regardless of the industry. We want to help patients. It’s a lot of why many of us got into it. Fundamentally it’s asking “What are the things that correlate to revenue and sales?” Think about the end user journey. Thinking about omnichannel, it’s not about tracking or a sophisticated measurement plan. It is about trends.”

Kristen Vayda-Dreitlein, Omnichannel Brand Director and Engagement Leader, Diabetes at Sanofi


Areas of Focus

Overarching Omnichannel Strategy
Integrating Omnichannel within the Organization
Managing Moving Parts and External Partners

Featuring experts including:

Andrew Burkus
Senior Principal, Digital Enablement Center of Excellence, IQVIA

Tracy Kossler
SVP, CX Strategy, Discipline Lead, EVERSANA INTOUCH

Dan Shea
Partner, McKinsey & Company

Matthew Smith
Senior Principal, New Commercial Models & Digital Health, IQVIA

Kristen Vayda-Dreitlein
Omnichannel Brand Director & Engagement Leader Diabetes, Sanofi

PLUS a Bonus Section on omnichannel strategy for small to mid-tier pharma companies

Throughout our research on the topic, it’s become clear that in the case of small and even mid-tier pharma cos, there are some unique benefits and learnings when it comes to linking omnichannel to overall strategy. We’ve asked Greg Marshall, EVP at Deerfield to share what they are observing.

Discover answers to questions like: “What makes small / mid-tier pharma unique when it comes to omnichannel structure and success?”