Hybrid Summit Series

Join fellow colleagues and pharmaceutical marketers, researchers, and thought leaders to discuss data-driven decision making

January 20th, 2022
12:00PM ET


January Hybrid Summit Series

Join fellow colleagues and pharmaceutical marketers, researchers, and thought leaders for the first DHC Summit of 2022, hosted with GlaxoSmithKline, on January 20th.

This new format will feature a hybrid of in-person and virtual attendees for one afternoon of content from subject matter experts about data-driven decision making. Your registration request will default to virtual access, with the option to request an invitation to the in-person session at the GlaxoSmithKline Philadelphia-based offices.

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Content Topics

Structuring Data Analytics

Creating Value from Data Analytics

Predicting Compliance/Behavioral Health

Featured Content Experts

Benjamin Waters

Analytics Services


Jim DeLash

Marketing Director,
CX, Professional Vaccines


Dr. John Brownstein

Chief Innovation Officer

Boston Children’s Hospital

Nataraj Dasgupta

VP, Advanced Analytics


Hans Kaspersetz

Chief Innovation Officer

Relevate Health

Julie Granberry

Head of Strategy

Relevate Health



by DHC

Keynote Speaker

Dr. John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital


How to Structure so that Data Analytics, Marketing
and Brand Are Working Together Well

Ben Waters, Director, Crossix Analytics Services, Veeva

Today’s innovative marketers are looking beyond reporting and using data to optimize and improve marketing in real time. In this session, Veeva Crossix will share best practices for setting up the right foundation to maximize the impact of data on business results. In addition to privacy-safe, connected health and media data, Crossix will discuss the ideal infrastructure, expertise and processes to enable nimble, data-driven decision making.

We’ll also share ways that marketers are combining historically siloed data sets to better understand the synergies between field force interactions and non personal promotion. This multi-touch attribution (MTA) analysis will demonstrate how marketers are using MTA to adjust the sequence and frequency of customer engagements to increase prescribing.

  • Ben Waters, Director, Crossix Analytics Services, Veeva
  • Jim DeLash, Marketing Director, Customer Experience (CX), Professional
    Vaccines, US, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Mark Bard, Co-Founder, The DHC Group

The Real Issue: The Last Mile
How to Create the Most Value from Data Analytics

Nataraj Dasgupta, VP of Advanced Analytics with RxDataSciences, a Syneos Health Company

With limited access to physicians during the pandemic, pharma companies have been forced to explore new ways to reach doctors. Supplementing the traditional approach with intelligent insights from AI/ML has led to a paradigm shift in commercial research. This talk explores the emerging ways pharma companies are leveraging advanced analytics to transform their commercial operations and furthermore integrate best practices of agile data science to create transformative and scalable omnichannel marketing pipelines.

Vivian DeWoskin, GM, Commercial, Komodo Health
Maureen Grandzol, AVP Life Sciences, Komodo Health

Practical innovation often requires out of the box thinking and a willingness to reinvent the business as usual approach. During this informative discussion we’ll look at several ways companies are reinvigorating their strategies and existing data investments to yield transformative results and unlock hidden potential.



Use Cases - Sales Force Next Best Action, Predicting Compliance/Behavioral Health

  • Hans Kaspersetz, Chief Innovation Officer, Relevate Health
  • Julie Granberry, Head of Strategy, Relevate Health

This presentation will feature a live demonstration of how to identify key influencers and their spheres of influence in a locally relevant, near personal manner and how best to optimize from an omnichannel perspective to optimize engagement. Learn more about what makes a KOL relevant, determining who the right target audience is by sub-national KOL and identifying the optimal content themes and topics that your targets want to hear and learn about to provide you with a competitive edge.

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