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FEATURED CONTENT: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Browser Changes: The Impact and Why It Matters

Have you heard “ITP” mentioned over the past year? ITP (or Intelligent Tracking Protection) is the term used to describe changes to browser restrictions on the use of cookies. If you are a pharma marketer or anyone who has responsibility for advertising, optimizing, tracking, audience modeling, measuring or just simply understanding your patients/consumers’ behaviors online, ITP should be on your radar; though chances are, it’s not.

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ICYMI: DHC Insights with Innovators with Dale Cooke

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We worked with Regulatory Expert Dale Cooke to tackle the data privacy landscape and the implication on data usage and analysis. This interview is designed to help readers best understand the framework in which the changes are taking place, we enlisted leading regulatory expert, Dale Cooke. In the following article, Dale looks at where we came from in 2019, and challenges pharma marketers will face in 2020 around data privacy.

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Rebecca DIppolito

An Introduction to SERMO’s New Global Compliance Manager, Rebecca D’Ippolito

To help Sermo meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and support the regulatory environment, Sermo welcomes Rebecca D’Ippolito as Global Compliance Manager. Rebecca joins from Kantar Profiles (Health), where she held the roles of Senior Research Manager in Quantitative Operations and Global Healthcare Privacy Champion over the past 6 years. This interview with Rebecca provides the inside scoop on how she’ll be making Compliance a key pillar for Sermo.

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corporate cybersecurity

Corporate Cybersecurity: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know

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Corporate data security is big business. Unfortunately, cybercrime is much, much bigger business. Cybercrime is estimated to cause the world $6 trillion in annual damages by 2021 — the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, forty times more than the damage caused by natural disasters this year, and more than the combined global trade of all major illegal drugs. Living in a digital world means information can be analyzed and understood better than ever before.

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Beyond HIPPA Diagram

Beyond HIPAA: Risks of Re-identification in Today’s Digital-Centric World

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There are many analytics approaches that use anonymized datasets to combine health and digital data. As the opportunities grow for companies to combine ever-expanding sets of data, the potential for re-identifying an individual’s personal medical records increases as well. This whitepaper will provide a summary of regulatory and industry guidance and an overview of current analytics approaches, along with the relative re-identification risk of each one.

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PMN Podcast Interview with Klick Health Experts on CCPA

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Holly Henry and Kamran Shah from Klick Health joined the Pharma Marketing Podcast to kick off the new year and offer their perspectives on CCPA, what compliance with CCPA entails, what the intent of the law is, and how it impacts pharma marketers. CCPA is forcing pharma and healthcare marketers to get back to marketing fundamentals to create stronger relationships with brands.

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DHC Spring East Coast Summit

Hosted by Novartis
Themes include "Data and Digital" and "Preparing for the Next Generation of Digital Communication"

WHEN: April 2, 2020, 1pm - 5pm, followed by cocktails

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Browser Changes – The Impact and Why It Matters

Hosted by the DHC and Healthline

Tried and true digital efforts on contextual and content marketing will win in the new realm of internet browser changes and privacy regulations. Metrics of success and benchmarks will be heavily impacted as a result of an inability to track specific performance measures. If you haven’t heard of ITP, 2.0, or are concerned about what Google Chrome will launch, you will want to view this webinar.

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