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data-driven decision making

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data-driven decision making

How A Better Campaign Brief Is Unlocking Data-Driven Decision Making

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In an invite-only industry roundtable held last week with DHC Group members and fellow pharma marketers, Jim DeLash (GSK) shared with other marketers from boutique to large pharma how he is challenging his team to think differently about the role of the campaign brief in data-driven decision making.

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DHC Partner Insights

meet the social savvy physician

Meet the Social Savvy Physician & Learn How to Better Engage Them

Via Sermo →
Physicians and healthcare professionals are using social media much more than in years past—both personally and professionally. To better understand their social media habits and preferences, Sermo surveyed 600+ physicians across 13 countries. Read this free report with exclusive insights and best practices to better reach your target HCPs online.

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hcps subscribing to ad-supported streaming

HCPs are Subscribing to Ad-Supported Streaming Television Services

For this IQVIA infographic, we surveyed Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners from our industry-leading healthcare professional (HCP) database to learn how streaming TV services are being consumed in their households. Respondents indicated which services they subscribe to, whether those services are commercial-free or ad-supported, how often they're seeing healthcare industry advertisements on streaming TV, and more.

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physician survey: how barriers impact care decisions

Physician Survey: How Access Barriers Impact Care Decisions

Via OptimizeRx →
OptimizeRx surveyed 100+ physicians across five specialty areas to explore how inefficient access pathways impact patient care and therapy choice, as well as the solutions that would help HCPs overcome access challenges. The surprising results are a must-read infographic for specialty brand teams – download your copy today.

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media vitals focus on depression

Media Vitals™ 2022/2023: Focus on Depression & Mental Health

Via CMI Media Group →
Based on recent social listening, discussion surrounding the topic of depression continues, despite the expectation that a lift on COVID-19 restrictions would also lift the feelings of hopelessness and depression for many. Recent Media Vitals™ research by CMI Media Group has found that even with the lift or ease of COVID-19 restrictions, depression may now be considered the new pandemic – particularly for younger generations. CMI Media Group is releasing a full report of findings related to depression and mental health.

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people living with chronic conditions

People Living with Chronic Conditions Have Needs that Impact Various Aspects of Their Everyday Lives

Via Healthline →
Driven by research and insights, Healthline Media explored the attitudes and behaviors of chronic condition communities to determine approaches that can help them better manage their health —holistically, for their entire selves.

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exploring hispanic health attitudes

Exploring Hispanic Health Attitudes & Behaviors for More Informed Cross-Cultural Marketing (published in the latest issue of the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy)

Via Klick Health →
Hispanics place higher value on health technology, including wearables (such as Apple Watches and Fitbits), fitness apps, and vital monitoring devices (such as glucose meters) than those in other demographic groups; pay far more attention to healthcare advertising than their non-Hispanic white counterparts; and seek treatment from community clinics more often than doctors’ offices or urgent care centers.

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shaping your data science strategy

Shaping Your Data Science Strategy with Genentech's Youssef Idelcaid

Via Aktana →
Youssef Idelcaid rose through the ranks of retail giants L’Oreal and Levi Strauss before landing his current role shaping data science strategy at one of the world’s leading biotech companies. Genentech’s Head of Data Science shares his unique cross-industry perspective on cultivating impactful data science programs and driving transformation from the inside out.

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pharma marketing without third party cookies

Pharma Marketing Without 3rd Party Cookies

Via Underscore Marketing →
This will help you understand changes to cookie data and why you’ll need 1st party data strategies for 1:1 targeting in 2023. Discover which channels will emerge as primary for novel audience-targeting options and get a first glimpse of a new way to think about HCP promotion.

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Future in Flux: Intel for the Life Sciences Executive

Via North Highland →
When it comes to transformation and operations in life sciences, the current trends point to an entirely new world of work that has perhaps arrived quicker than anticipated. Refreshingly, the industry’s inherent curiosity and drive to improve the world through use of digital and data can empower its leaders to flex and grow during yet another year of uncertainty. Addressing the unknown calls for re-orienting the operating model to harness omni-channel capabilities.

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2022 trends health advertising report

2022 Trends in Health Advertising Report

Via Veeva →
With patients and HCPs accessing content in new ways, pharma marketers are adapting their advertising strategies to reach them. To understand how DTC and HCP advertising campaigns are evolving in this changing media landscape, Veeva Crossix has summarized key learnings across hundreds of brand campaigns, representing more than $6B in media spend.

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Nikheel Kolatkar

DHC Short Takes

In this new DHC Short Take with Nikheel Kolatkar with Genentech, Mark Bard discusses innovation in clinical trials, the rapid uptake of digital health tools within patient populations and the impact on post-marketing strategy.

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