Digital Health Coalition Newsletter – October 2018

Digital Health Coalition Newsletter – October 2018

FEATURED CONTENT: DHC Midwest Summit Wrap-Up

Earlier this month, DHC members, donors, and other industry experts gathered for the annual DHC Midwest Summit. While we always encourage you to participate with us at DHC Summits for the maximum benefits, we are happy to offer a recap of the afternoon. Including topics for the day included the AI health landscape, the interplay of AI on mobile/voice, and the future of AI in pharma, then shifted to using innovation to improve the patient experience through everything from organizational structure, digital patient services, point-of-care technology, social media best practices, and physician data trends. You can read our feature – The DHC Midwest Summit Summary here, with both content analysis and thought leader quotes, such as:
Neal Bloomfield, Sr. Director, Commercial Systems at Horizon Pharma: “Technology has reached a point where it’s usable to us in the industry. The data that’s out there has become more available, and we’re able to make the connections that weren’t there before.”

Daniel J. Gandor, Director or Digital Innovation and Corporate Program Management at Takeda : “At the end of the day, if we can provide the right information at the right time and in the right way, I think that’s really what our customers are going to expect. We live in a world with Amazon where consumers are able to pull up their phone and order things suggested to them, and that’s spot on. Similarly, our physicians don’t want to be searching for information. They want the representatives to come in and provide the right information the right way at the right time. We’re at a point where that has to occur. That’s the higher expectations that are upon us.”

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Physicians Turn to Tech for Enhanced Patient Engagement

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The Digital Health Coalition and PatientPoint worked together to study physician attitudes and behaviors when it comes to patient engagement technology – with data powered by SERMO. We are happy to share these highlights here, and you can read in-depth analysis in the new eBook: Physicians’ Perspectives on Patient Engagement Technology (and Pharma’s Role in It).

The 2018 Social Media Benchmarks for Pharma

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The Social Media Landscape project is an ongoing research study and benchmarking project from the Digital Health Coalition and Klick. The latest POV (also shared at the DHC Midwest Summit) is available by clicking here.

Making Sense of Trends for Your 2019 Plans

November 13th, 2018
Parsippany, NJ

Hosted by the DHC and Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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Mark Bard
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AVP, Communications, Digital Innovation
Ferring Pharma
Joe Shields
Health Accelerators
Carmine Attanasio
Digital Myeloma Marketing
Christine Franklin
Executive Director
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