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DHC Project Release on Omnichannel Innovations, Part One

In response to industry input, the DHC Group is assembling a POV series on Omnichannel Marketing in Pharma. Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing additional parts to this in-depth research and analysis, which spans thought leader interviews, roundtable discussions, a case study and survey of pharma stakeholders. Today's newsletter features the exclusive release of Part One: Defining Omnichannel. This POV, available now, unpacks how pharmaceutical experts are defining omnichannel and explores why getting it right is critical to brands. Readers will hear from diverse stakeholders, including: Irene Coyne (CMI Media Group), Joyce Ercolino (Harmony Biosciences), Jose Ferreira (CMI Media Group), David Salmon (AstraZeneca), and Steven Xie (Biohaven). Download the PDF of the Defining Omnichannel POV now to understand how a successful omnichannel approach can help brands move customers through the journey from engagement to action.

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Consumer Inspiration for HCP Omnichannel Activation

Via Deerfield Agency →

Deerfield Health's Jacqueline DaSilva draws inspiration from leading consumer products in order to inspire pharma marketers seeking to achieve true HCP Omnichannel activation. Read this "Insights with Innovators" piece to better understand how it's possible to applications from outside our industry can help us bring HCPs a better experience.

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Strengthening HCP Engagement with Omnichannel Strategies

Via OptimizeRX →

Creating the most effective communication strategy to inform and engage target clinicians is key to effective pharma marketing.  Omnichannel strategies are widely seen as the next evolution in HCP engagement to accomplish that important goal. In the case of most omnichannel approaches, the challenge is twofold: How to identify and leverage the right communications channels, and how to craft personalized messaging that speaks to each HCP’s current needs and experiences. What’s key: An omnichannel roadmap.

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Level up! Take the next step in your healthcare messaging with personalized physician engagement experiences

Via Sermo →

To increase the odds of your content converting customers, brands are turning towards personalization—individualized messages and benefit statements that put their content into the individual’s language and POV. And the good news is physicians actually WANT to see these tactics from pharma! A Sermo study found that 8 in 10 physicians highly value personalized content. Read more about ways healthcare companies are engaging with their audience in a more personalized and targeted manner and how these strategies are delivering improved results.

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Bayer Omnichannel Marketing Best Practices

Via Veeva→

Getting started with omnichannel marketing? Nick Lucente, Senior Director, Oncology Digital Marketing, Bayer, spoke with Sarah Caldwell, General Manager, Veeva Crossix Analytics, to discuss his approach in bringing together digital marketing and sales data to improve the patient and HCP experience.

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AI + Social Media: The Intersection of 2 Contemporary Inventions Takes Physician Engagement to the Next Level

Via Aktana→

What can pharma learn from HCPs on social media? Turns out, a lot. Experts from Aktana, Sermo and Cantab Pi discuss how social media insights are becoming increasingly crucial in supporting omnichannel engagement as the sales model evolves.

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Finding Fresh Opportunities with Omnichannel Marketing

Via Evoke Melt→

If you listen to rumblings around conferences and industry events, you might hear more people voicing the opinion that there is too little omnichannel activity at all, let alone anyone doing anything revolutionary. However, when you sift through the noise, you will definitely find a few who are setting new standards.

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Empowering Omnichannel with Point of Care

Via Underscore Marketing →

Today, wherever a pharma marketer looks or listens, they’ll be told they need an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy. But what does that really mean?Which channels truly help engage the desired target audience? And where do you start? Read Underscore Marketing's VP of Global Media, Susan Quinn's take on what is the missing link.

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The Life Sciences Experience Era eBook

Via Medallia →

Now that customer experience is widely acknowledged as one of the industry’s top strategic priorities, pharma companies have the opportunity to build off this momentum to deepen relationships with patients, prescribers, payers, and other business partners. This eBook discusses five ways pharma companies can differentiate their brand and the experiences they deliver.

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Healthline Media Uncovers the Trust Issue in Skincare

Via Healthline →

Skincare is facing a crisis in consumer trust, but we're seeing positive trends emerge that brands must tap into to start resonating with their audiences. Download our latest report, Rebuilding Consumer Trust in Skincare, Beauty, and Beyond, to learn key industry takeaways your brand can apply to inspire consumers to feel educated, empowered, and connected.

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PatientPoint Dominates National Health Information Awards With 93 Content Accolades

Via Patient Point →

PatientPoint dominated the 2022 National Health Information Awards, bringing home more content awards than any other organization for the 11th year in a row. PatientPoint’s total content award count now surpasses 1,000 accolades, reinforcing PatientPoint as the most-awarded patient education provider at the point of care.

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Digital Innovations Create Engagement, Education and Support for Health Audiences Across Disease States

Via Sharecare →

Sharecare announces new digital tools designed to motivate patients to stay engaged, connect with their physicians and manage chronic conditions. Learn more about how to educate and support health audiences and drive effective conversations with their healthcare providers to achieve optimal outcomes from their treatment plans.

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Marianne Swift, Director of Client Partnerships at Spotify, joins Mark Bard with DHC Group to evaluate the role of digital audio for today’s healthcare marketer. Together they address the most common questions around audio marketing today, including integration into the existing campaign, the role and sophistication of data, and, of course, brand safety. Marianne also shares her thoughts on “what’s next” for pharma in audio.

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Bayer's Erica Hawthorne on what it’s like to be the Executive Director of Media Strategy for a major pharma co. after leading digital transformation for brands like Verizon and Marriott. Unlike some marketers who believe in pharma’s uniqueness as an industry, Erica believes it’s digital acumen that matters, not industry expertise. Learn more about why she espouses “as long as you understand people, then you’ll be able to reach them. You’ll be able to build the right creative, be in the right location” whether you are marketing tourism, cellphones, or life-saving medications.

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In this discussion with Will Febbo, CEO of OptimizeRx, Mark Bard with DHC Group reviews the experiences Will had as an entrepreneur and his early insights that motivated him to explore how we can use technology to improve medicine. Building on his experience with data driven decision making platforms in the market research space, the conversation also touches on how technology can link the pharma industry and medical professionals using digital platforms and the EMR to guide medical care decisions.

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