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Insights into Pharma Market Trends and HCP Channel Preferences

Yesterday, Healio Strategic Solutions and the DHC Group released topline data from the first wave of a planned longitudinal look at HCP channel preferences coupled with a survey of pharma marketers. In front of a live audience at Pfizer headquarters in NYC, Mark Bard (Co-Founder, The DHC Group) and Adrienne Stevens Ed.D, (VP, Head of Scientific Strategy, Healio) discussed the implications derived from phase one of the research. The goal of the project was to create a survey model that could be used annually to continuously evaluate the learning behaviors and needs of HCPs and advise pharma companies on the best tactics for reaching HCPs and providing solutions to their pain points. Survey responses from 70 pharmaceutical executives confirmed that over half (57%) agree that the acceleration of digital transformations and strategies often attributed to the pandemic era is here to stay. A lesser group (29%) contend that while there was a temporary acceleration, they are seeing a shift back towards pre-pandemic thinking. For those DHC newsletter readers who weren’t able to join us in person or tune into the live stream, here is a look at some of the key findings and implications, along with a link to download the slides.

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4 myths that could be stopping you from leveraging HCP social media

Via Sermo →

Recently the market has seen a substantial rise in physician engagement on digital channels and social media. However, not all online platforms are created equal. Here are four myths that may be preventing you from engaging with your HCP audience on digital channels they already use and trust.

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The Alchemy of How We Sell What We Sell

Via Medallia →

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on detailing clinicians and free drug samples than any other forms of professional marketing in the United States (JAMA). The first two points raise the question, “so why do we still engage prescribing customers in the same ways?” A 2009 meta-analysis focused on promotional impact on prescribing, published in Family Practice showed that the first visit from a pharmaceutical representative increased a general practitioner’s preference for the marketed product more than 2-fold.

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Inefficient Access Pathways Cost More Than Just HCP Time and Effort

Via OptimizeRx →

Across a wide range of industries, today’s top organizations are realizing that digital access is essential to their success. Consumers demand it, professionals count on it, and pharma is no exception. For maximum success, your brand must be easily accessible to patients as well as their providers—especially if payer restrictions complicate access pathways. Ask yourself these key questions: Do HCPs understand your brand’s benefits? Are you leveraging technology to alleviate their pain points? Are your current digital access resources opening doors for your band?

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How are HCPs Engaging with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers?


For this IQVIA infographic, we surveyed physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners from our industry-leading healthcare database to help us understand how their interactions with representatives from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have evolved over the two-plus years since the beginning of COVID-19. The following provides insights on how HCPs are currently engaging with educational content and opportunities from the healthcare industry, and how they expect to do so in the future.

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Telehealth & Point-of-care Trends - How the pandemic created endemic industry change and the opportunities this presents for pharma marketing

Via Underscore →

Read our brand-new white paper based on recent HCP-based survey data examining how the pandemic created pervasive industry change and the nascent opportunities this offers pharma marketing. While telehealth engagement has plateaued, it remains a core component of the medical care mix, meaning new media opportunities for pharma marketers to seize to meaningfully engage with HCPs and patients across the treatment journey.

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Hosted at Genentech November 9 | San Francisco, CA Focusing on Customer Experience and the New Patient Journey

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KOL Influence: Giving Brands a Trusted Voice

Via BioPharm →

Third-party, non-personal promotion is bringing comprehensive pharmaceutical marketing strategies to life among key targets and their colleagues. In today’s industry, where 70% of HCPs believe it’s critical for pharmaceutical companies to provide science-based education resources, leveraging the KOL voice offers brands this coveted channel of communication.

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The Next Vantage for Life Sciences

Via North Highland →

Our research shows that life sciences industry leaders readily recognize the critical role of data & analytics in defining and designing a clear strategy to integrate Voice of Customer (VoC) insights. Yet, when it comes to later stages of transformation, D&A may be underutilized by industry leaders: only six percent say data/digital capabilities support transformation delivery, management, and measurement.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategy: AI for All

Via Aktana →

AI and machine learning are transforming both pharmaceutical drug discovery and commercialization. By compiling vast streams of data on the habits, practices, and choices of healthcare providers (HCPs), and then applying AI and machine techniques, companies have the opportunity to adopt a highly personalized customer engagement strategy.

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From Insight to Innovation: Bezzy

Via Healthline →

People living with chronic conditions crave connection and increasingly find it in online health communities. While these are powerful spaces for audience engagement, pharma sometimes holds back from these environments due to concerns about user-generated content. Here’s how unique audience insights sparked the development of Bezzy, our MM+M-nominated community platform for those living with chronic conditions.

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