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FEATURE: New HCP Data on The Rep Experience

At this month’s DHC Summit, hosted at Genentech, attendees heard from Mandy Breckbill (Healthcare Executive Director, Genentech) and Jim Whitaker (VP, Business Consulting Lead, Veeva) on the rep experience, focusing on progress made since COVID, drawing on insights from across the industry, and discussing how to best reinforce ‘new’ engagement habits. As a follow-up to this dynamic session, we worked with Jim, Mandy, and fellow DHCG members, Evoke and Sermo, to conduct a survey of oncologists to further expand on the insights shared at Genentech.

This research builds on the presentation key takeaways around efficiency challenges, HCP rep engagements, and potential barriers to future success. The survey was conducted using the Sermo RealTime platform with 50 currently practicing US oncologists.

Survey Highlights and Analysis Available Here →


Supercharging Social in 2023 and Beyond - Pharma Guide on Emerging Social Channels and Tactics

Via LiveWorld →
Privacy, policy, and algorithm changes among the major social networks have made it more difficult for healthcare and pharma organizations to find their patients, HCPs, and caregivers. Some of the most popular or newer social networks could be strong additions to a therapy brand or organizational social marketing strategy.  Download the ebook here

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Go from B2B to human-to-human for your next influencer program

Via imre →

Imre’s Vice President of Influencer Marketing, Masha Snitkovsky shares her thoughts on modern influencer marketing. Different marketing segments trigger different reactions but the common link among all segments is that people are centrale. Snitkovsky discusses the common approaches to influencer marketing that breathes new life into aging strategies and keeps humans at its core. 

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Top Health Advertising Trends: Multicultural Campaigns Up 66%, Streaming Video Up 15%

Via Veeva→ 

New data shows health brands are diversifying their media mix to reach patients more effectively across digital channels. Veeva Crossix has aggregated media measurement and health data based on more than $6 billion in annual DTC and HCP ad spending in 2022. Find out what’s trending in digital audio, streaming video, and learn about the significant growth in multicultural campaigns to reach underserved audiences. Read the Top Health Advertising Trends report.

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Pharma's Guide to a Differentiated Customer Experience


Over the last decade, but especially in the last few years, much has shifted in the pharma marketplace. The good news: There are new ways to reach and engage customers, and digital engagement with providers is significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels. But, there are new challenges, too: Patients are more informed and have higher expectations for their health outcomes, providers are seeing the boundaries blur around where and how healthcare is delivered, and payers are driving an increased focus on pay for performance.

Some pharma companies have started moving in response to these challenges, and there's consensus on the importance of customer experience and omnichannel engagement. The vast majority of pharma companies have made customer experience strategy a budgetary priority. But the hardest part isn't the strategy — it's the execution.

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Innovate4Outcomes: A Collaborative Approach to Envisioning a Healthier Future

Via OptimizeRx→

Now that the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic is receding, it’s time to improve global preparedness for current and impending health challenges and pave the way toward improvement of population health. According to the World Health Organization, one of the top 10 threats to human health globally is antimicrobial resistance. This emerging crisis impacts not only individuals who develop resistant infections but their families and society. 

Without effective treatments for drug-resistant infections, patients lose not just protections against infectious diseases, but also other medical advances that rely on effective treatment and prevention of hospital and community-acquired infections. Even routine procedures and surgeries involve greater risk from the rise in antimicrobial-resistant infections.  Treatment is not the only option and isn’t the only solution to continued aggressive action addressing this urgent threat. This includes supporting the healthcare community to improve antimicrobial use and prevent infections from occurring in the first place. 

How can you help? Learn more about how design-thinking events such as Innovate4Outcomes bring together those ready to make lasting change.

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What does "good" look like in HCP digital?

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To optimize your messaging and strategies, understanding physicians’ online trends and preferences is your silver bullet. Before starting your next digital campaign, here’s a report outlining some best practices for a successful campaign!

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Short Take with Mark Bard, DHC Group and Jen Alper, Pfizer

From the DHC

Mark Bard hosts a Fireside Chat with Jen Alper on her experience and lessons learned in the industry. Having spent almost 15 years with Pfizer – and before that almost 5 years with Lilly – Jen understands sales and marketing and has been at the forefront during a time of massive change in the industry with regard to marketing, digital, and sales engagement. 

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Is Pharma Relevant and Personal to Healthcare Professionals? Survey Says...Not So Much.

Guest Blog by Mark Bard

As a guest blogger at Healio Strategic Solutions "Viewpoint", Mark shared his thoughts on a recent study conducted of almost 1,000 physicians.  Only 1 in 4 indicate that communication from pharma is relevant and personalized. This quick-read analysis by Mark will inform how you approach planning and design of HCP experiences with your brand(s) moving forward.

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