DHC Live Virtual Summit - November

Hosted by The DHC Group and BMS

November 18 & 19
12PM - 1:30PM EDT

About the November Virtual Summit

The DHC Group and BMS are excited to bring you dynamic content and thought leadership as we look forward to 2021. Event themes include the Evolving Patient Journey, Digital Marketing Innovation and the Role of the Marketer in 2021.

The event will span two days, lasting just 90 minutes per day, and feature unique content each day. Registration automatically covers both days, and you will be sent agenda updates and calendar reminders.

Featured Speakers

lisa flaiz

Lisa Flaiz
Director, Multi-Channel Marketing, WW Digital Hub Lead
Bristol-Myers Squibb
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Jamie Turner
Marketing Expert 
Innovation Keynote Speaker
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dan gandor

Daniel Gandor
Director, US Customer Experience, Oncology & Virology
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Patricia Brown
Corporate Strategy, Enterprise Insider Risk Program
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mark bard
Mark Bard
Co-Founder, The DHC Group
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Content Themes

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christine franklin

Executive Director
DHC Group
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