Privacy First Marketing: An Industry POV

Thought Leaders Weigh In on The Future of Privacy First Marketing

Presented by
The DHC Group and Members

This Soon-To-Be-Released POV for Pharma Marketers will offer thought leader insights on to help marketers map out a privacy first strategy. Here’s a sample of what will be covered in the POV:

  • The shift away from (browser-based) cookies by Apple, Firefox, and Google has ushered in a new era of targeting and audience metrics for brands, marketers, and their agencies. 
  • Of course, this shift will have an acute impact on the approach pharma companies will have to take to successfully promote their products online.
  • That said, given the “high bar” of regulatory and standards already imposed on pharma, they are in a much better position than most other industries to incorporate these changes.
  • Furthermore, the recent changes and updates from Apple (related to iOS14, such as approximate location, Safari privacy reports, app store privacy reports, app tracking controls, and Wi-Fi tracking), show continued migration to increased user control of data, tracking, and privacy.
  • However, the biggest change proposed by Apple – requiring developers to get user consent for tracking across apps – has been delayed given the backlash from firms, such as Facebook. Apple said they are simply delaying the feature to allow developers time to prepare for the future. 
  • The DHC Group and its members will be affected by these privacy-first changes – so we turned to our membership to gain a better understanding of some of the unique challenges and opportunities facing pharmaceutical brand marketers.   
  • The DHC Group interviewed more than 20 leading digital marketing experts from ad tech, data firms, agencies, publishers, and pharmaceutical organizations and asked them how they plan to adapt to the “privacy-first” era – and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics. 
  • The interviews explored questions such as …
    • How do you plan to target messaging and advertising in the post cookie era? 
    • What do you think customer targeting and the user experience will look like in 2030? 
    • How should brands think about their agency and marketing partners and future investments? 
    • Is there a future for scalable first-party data across the industry- and what does that look like? 
    • Will contextual targeting become more important given all of these new privacy restrictions? 


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