Show Up with a Business Case and Strategy Overall – and Have Them Involved Early in the Process.

Demonstrate the Business Case for OUR Company – and Go Through a “Worst Case” Scenario.

Show That You Have a Plan to Track Progress, Make Improvements, or Kill the Program Based on Metrics. Plan ahead for Regular Status Updates with MLR.

If the Program Requires Rapid Response (such as social media), Map Out the Playbook and Scenarios Ahead of Time. What is the Role of MLR? Do We Have Pre-approved Responses Ready? What if…?

If Free-flowing Conversation on a Company-hosted Site, Show You are Prepared to Provide for 24/7 Monitoring.

Have an Exit Strategy. How Do We Sunset, Redirect, Transfer, or Kill a Program/Site/App?

Show How Other Companies Approach the Same Problem – Tactical and Strategic (Much Harder). Don’t Rely on 3 Examples of Someone Else “Doing It” as a Strategy.