Mapping Out Your Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

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How to Adapt to a Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

The shift away from (browser-based) cookies by Apple, Firefox, and Google has ushered in a new era of targeting and audience metrics for brands, marketers, and their agencies. The DHC Group interviewed more than 20 leading digital marketing experts from ad tech, data firms, agencies, publishers, and pharmaceutical organizations and asked them how they plan to adapt to the “privacy-first” era—and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics.

The interviews explored questions such as:

Key Takeaways

While the loss of cookies may present a challenge to many marketers near term, they are looking forward to the possibilities of enhanced targeting with new data sources and are making increased investments in first party data and consent-based marketing technologies. What’s more, most believe privacy-first marketing is a move in the right direction and overall a net positive trend.

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