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September Virtual Summit Series

Thought Leaders Weigh In on the Future of Digital Medicine and Address Health Access, Inequity, and Inclusion through Digital Innovation


September Virtual Summit Series

Presented By: Digital Health Coalition (DHC) and Otsuka
Date: September 9-10, from 12:00PM – 1:30PM ET

Fellow colleagues and pharmaceutical marketers, researchers, and thought leaders joined together for a virtual innovation Summit hosted by the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) and Otsuka. The summit took place over two information filled sessions on September 9-10, from 12:00PM – 1:30PM ET.

Participants heard from both Otsuka leaders and thought leaders from BMS, Click Therapeutics, and Syneos to address the future of digital medicine and health access, inequity, and inclusion through digital innovation. Content was shared via presenters and panelists in an interactive virtual format.

Learn more about the agenda below or access resources from the summit (videos, slides, and more) by filling out the form. 

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Content Themes

The Future of Digital Medicine

Addressing Health Access, Inequity, and Inclusion Through Digital Innovation

Featured Experts

Ryan Billings

Oncology, Digital Customer Experience


Scott Vedder

Senior Facilitator

Disney Institute

Jessica Saperstein

Head of Customer Experience


Dan Gandor

US Customer Experience, Oncology


Brendan Baby

Head of Customer Experience,
Strategy, and Analytics

Home Depot

Richard Schwartz

Life Sciences Industry Cx
Practice Lead




September 9: 12:00 – 1:30PM EDT

Shwen Gwee, VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy, BMS

Edouard Gasser, CEO and Founder, Tilak Healthcare

  • Monique Levy, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, Woebot Health
  • Dave Mihalovic, EVP, Juice Pharma
  • Chris Martini, Chief Provider Officer, PatientPoint
  • Mark Bard, co-founder, DHC Group
  • Rohit Bansal, Senior Director, Digital Therapeutics Commercial Lead, Otsuka

  • Shaheen Lakhan, SVP, Research and Development, Click Therapeutics

  • Mark Bard, Co-Founder, DHC Group
  • Rohit Bansal, Senior Director, Digital Therapeutics Commercial Lead, Otsuka


September 10: 12:00 – 1:30PM EDT

Candace Saldarini, M.D., Sr. Director, Applied Innovation Process Improvement, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Solome Tibebu, Behavioral Health Strategist
Solome Tibebu is passionate about frontier technologies and solutions transforming mental health, equity and access. She works with PE funds, foundations, chronic disease companies, mental health startups, pharma, health plans and systems as a behavioral health technology subject matter expert.

  • Alexandria Wise, PhD, SVP Clinical Development, CNS, Syneos Health

  • Keri McDonough, VP, Head of Patient Voice Consortium, Syneos Health

Digital and technological advances have led to a tremendous opportunity to drive accessibility, diversity and participation through virtual and decentralized forums. But not all patients can access equally; bandwidth, location, privacy, age and other factors can be exclusionary and cause an unintended divide. In mental health, patient perceptions and privacy concerns can lead to an even greater divide — but also greater opportunity to provide flexibility and options that align with patient needs. Looking at patient interactions with technology, clinical trials and HCPs, we can think differently about the future of digital medicine in mental health and overall while keeping patient needs in focus.

  • Mark Bard, Co-Founder, DHC Group

  • Spencer Curtis, Head of Digital Portfolio Strategy, Otsuka

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