September Virtual Summit Series

Hosted by The DHC Group and Novartis

September Virtual Summit Series Resources

Thank you for requesting resources from the September Virtual Series. Held September 30 through October 1, there were two 90 minute sessions, featuring a mix of thought leader presentations, case studies, research and panels. Check out the videos, slides, and presentations from the summit below.

Day 1, September 30

The September 30th session explored how to succeed at a virtual branch launch, adaptive measures, how to innovate during uncertain times, and what physicians need now.

Succeeding at Virtual Brand Launch

Ozgun Demir, Director, Digital Strategy, Novartis


Mike Ostrow, Indication Lead, Marketing, Product Management, US Lung, Novartis Oncology

Adaptive Measurement

Matt Walsh, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Crossix


Access Mark Walsh’s Slides Here


How to Innovate During Uncertain Times

Dr. Gautam Gulati, Status Quo Agitator and Innovation Keynote


To get a copy of Dr. G’s slides, text GETIDEAS to 44222

Expert Panel on HCP Communication Innovations

Moderator: Mark Bard, Co-Founder, The DHC Group

Derek Choy, Co-Founder, Aktana
Ozgun Demir, Director, Digital Strategy, Novartis
R.J. Lewis, Founder and CEO, eHealthcare Solutions
Heath Morlok, Sr. Director, Everyday Health Professional

Day 2, October 1st

The October 1st session featured a social media case study and information about the realist’s guide to social marketing, 5G innovation, insights into shifting consumer health behaviors, and a fireside chat.

Generation S – Building a Sickle Cell Community Through Co-Creation

Brad Carlson, Digital Strategist, Novartis

Mike Edwards, Brand Manager, Adakveo, Novartis

To view the video mentioned in Brad and Mike’s presentation, click here.

The Realist’s Guide to Social Marketing During Chaotic Times

Brad Einarsen, Sr. Director, Social Media, Klick Health

Jess Botting, Senior Strategist, Social Media, Klick Health


5G Innovation - The Impact on the Healthcare Experience

Mark Pappas, SVP, Innovation, CMI/Compas

Dan Roman, Managing Partner, Verizon


Video coming soon… please contact Christine Franklin ([email protected]) with questions.)

Insight into Shifting Consumer Health Behaviors

Alyssa Kopelman, Sr. Manager, Healthline Media


Access the slides here

Thought Leaders Fireside Chat

Mark Bard, DHC Co-Founder

Belen Fraile, VP & Head, US Oncology Strategic Data & Digital, Novartis Oncology


Ozgun Demir
Director, Digital Strategy
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Mike Ostrow
Indication Lead, Marketing, Product Management, US Lung
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Matt Walsh
Senior Director, Solutions Engineering
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Dr. Gautam Gulati
Status Quo Agitator and Innovation Speaker
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heath morlok

Heath Morlok
Sr. Director, Market Value & Impact, Everyday Health Professional
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Derek Choy
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R.J. Lewis
Founder & CEO
eHealthcare Solutions
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brad carlson

Brad Carlson
Digital Strategist
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mike edwards

Mike Edwards
Brand Manager
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brad einarsen

Brad Einarsen
Sr. Director, Social Media
Klick Health
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dan roman

Dan Roman
Managing Partner
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Mark Pappas
SVP, Innovation
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alyssa kopelman

Alyssa Kopelman
Sr. Manager
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belen fraile

Belen Fraile
VP & Head, US Oncology Strategic Data & Digital
Novartis Oncology
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