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September Virtual Summit Series

About Summit

Thought Leaders Weighed In on the Future of Digital Medicine, Health Access, Inequity, and Inclusion through Digital Innovation

Held September 9-10 2021, the September Virtual Summit Series included two 90 minute sessions, featuring a mix of thought leader presentations, case studies, research, and panels.

Check out the videos, slides, and resources from the summit below.

Day 1 Resources

A Digital Medicine Case Study

The Role of DTx in the Future of the Patient Journey

The Otsuka and Click Therapeutics Partnership

  • Rohit Bansal, Senior Director, Digital Therapeutics Commercial Lead, Otsuka

  • Shaheen Lakhan, SVP, Research and Development, Click Therapeutics

Applications in Digital Therapeutics

  • Mark Bard, Co-Founder, DHC Group
  • Rohit Bansal, Senior Director, Digital Therapeutics Commercial Lead, Otsuka

Day 2 Resources

Otsuka Innovation Profile: Clinical Trial Democratization

  • Candace Saldarini, M.D., Sr. Director, Applied Innovation Process Improvement, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Shaping Partner Relationships for Cross-Cultural Marketing Efforts

Kristin Tolbert, Director, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Klick Health

Digital Flexibility v. The Digital Divide

Closing Fireside Chat

Additional Resources

iqvia digital health trends report
Digital Health Trends in 2021

Read the latest report from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science for an overview of digital health trends in 2021 – from investment in health apps to the regulation of digital therapeutics.

cmi doctor patient connection
Doctor to Patient Connection and Improving Tech

This CMI Media Group POV explores ways pharma may leverage innovative health tech for better connections with patients and HCPs.

impacting health equity
Impacting Health Equity Through Cross-Cultural Marketing

The DHC joined forces with Healthline Media and Klick Health, to build a downloadable report that provides health marketers with a foundation and resources from which to build effective cross-cultural marketing strategies.