Coming Full Circle with Oncology Marketing:

How 2020 Learnings Will Impact Our 2021 Approach

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Oncology Marketing

This project examines the intersection of COVID-19/Diagnosis & Treatment/HCP-Patient interaction and the subsequent role of treatment manufacturers in the field of oncology. Inspired by recent research conducted by Everyday Health Group, CMI/Compas and the DHC Group highlighting treatment and communication shifts between patient & doctor, and doctor & pharma, this analysis will include quantitative physician and consumer studies that examine what’s changed, what still needs change, and how it’s affecting all stakeholders in the fight against cancer. From clinical trials to home patient care, and every stop along the way, what can 2020 tell us about how to approach 2021?

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Expertise Behind Webinar

Speakers Lineup

paul murasko

Paul Mursako
Sr. Director, Head of Digital Customer Interaction
Ipsen Pharmaceuticals

tony dale

Tony Dale
SVP, MedPage Today
Everyday Health Professional

David Bernstein
SVP of Strategic Partnerships
Everyday Health Consumer

kate zwizanski

Kate Zwizanski
SVP Media

christine franklin

Christine Franklin
Executive Director
DHC Group

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Gain access to the financial, telehealth, physical care, and product promotion insights mentioned in the webinar (PDF, 728kb).

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