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From the June 9, 2021 DHC Group Webinar

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ADC Therapeutics

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Over the past year audio has become one of the fastest growing channels. Streaming audio has skyrocketed during the pandemic with triple digit percentage user growth. Podcasting advertising has exploded, voice assistants are in just about every house and streaming audio apps are launching interactive conversational voice ads.

Then we have the newest evolution of voice and audio in the form of social audio platforms. Most likely due to the massive amounts of screen fatigue we have endured over the past year social audio platforms have exploded in popularity. Clubhouse has been talked about everywhere but they are not alone. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others are rolling out their own social audio platforms.

Healthcare brands need to be exploring and planning their audio presence. This session will help you get started. The webinar was also followed by an invitation-only small group discussion with the speakers and other experts. 


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Expertise Behind Webinar

Speakers Lineup

gus strominger

Gus Strominger
Head of Digital
ADC Therapeutics

Mark Pappas
SVP, Growth & Innovation
CMI Media Group

elizabeth mcshea

Elizabeth McShea
Director, Paid Social
CMI Media Group

lee ann longinotti

Lee Ann Longinotti
VP-Head of Industry Healthcare & Pharma

Alex Martinez
Lead Client Partner

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