omnichannel strategy innovations
for small & mid-tier Pharma

October 2023


Omnichannel Strategy Innovations
for Small & Mid-Tier Pharma

This webinar for Small to Mid-Tier Pharma Companies will provide a look at how Omnichannel Links to Overall Strategy in Small to Mid-Tier Pharma. Since these companies often operate without the extra layers of decision makers between senior leadership and marketers at the brand level, they are able to make strategy decisions in a much more nimble fashion.

Focus on three areas that should drive the omnichannel strategy: Identifying the Story. Clarifying the Technology Needs. Determining What is Needed to Feed the Content Machine

Speakers Include: Henry Anderson (Supernus Pharmaceuticals), Paul Murasko, (Azurity Pharmaceuticals), Frank Burrell and Greg Marshall (Deerfield), Katya Petrova (JUICE Pharma Worldwide), Adriane Vail (Veeva).

Industry Experts Share insights

A Strategist’s Framework
Henry Anderson, Director, Digital Marketing & Omnichannel Operations, Supernus Pharmaceuticals

The Omnichannel Ecosystem
Greg Marshall, EVP, Deerfield

Case Study: How Effective Collaboration
Brings Omnichannel to Life
Katya Petrova, Chief Business Officer, JUICE Pharma


Applications for Marketers, Panel Discussion
Mark Bard, The DHC Group

Henry Anderson
Director, Digital Marketing & Omnichannel Operations
Supernus Pharmaceuticals

Paul Murasko
Head of Digital Innovation & Marketing Operations 
Azurity Pharmaceuticals

Frank Burrell
Partner, Deerfield

Katya Petrova
Chief Business Officer, JUICE Pharma

Adriane Vail
Senior Director, Veeva Crossix Analytics Services

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