Social Media Landscape 2017 (and Best Practices for Pharma) Webinar
Insights from Takeda, Digital Health Coalition, Klick

This (on demand) webinar provides an update on the Social Media Landscape project from the Digital Health Coalition and partner Klick and include case study insights presented by Takeda from their latest efforts in social media. By popular demand from DHC members, this longer form presentation pulls applicable details from the latest research:

– Use of Short Form Video in Social
– Moderation Best Practices
– Corporate, Branded, and Unbranded by Platform
– Top Pages across the Platforms
– What’s Ahead in 2018

A copy of the slides used in the presentation(s) are available below.
Presentation Slide Deck (Social Media Landscape 2017)

SPEAKERS: Tracy Yedlin (Takeda), Mark Bard (Digital Health Coalition), and Brad Einarsen (Klick)