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Check out our latest digital health and digital pharma education on topics including social media, artificial intelligence, mobile media, and electronic health records (EHR).

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Check out upcoming digital health events, powered by DHC Group, and access historical content. The DHC Virtual Summit, hosted with BMS, is coming in November.

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DHC is made possible through our network of pharma, device, ad board, scholars, and the support of our industry partners focused on moving the conversation – and digital pharma industry – forward.

The Digital Health Coalition

The Digital Health Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to serve as the collective voice and industry rallying point for the discussion of the current and future issues relevant to digital marketing of healthcare products and services. We engage multiple and diverse stakeholders through research, hosted events, and advocacy projects and then recommend specific actions that will drive innovation across the industry, benefitting all stakeholders, but most importantly, patients. While it endeavors to share and disseminate all relevant industry research and information, much of Digital Health Coalition’s content is created by the DHC Group, a for profit organization, in conjunction with its membership.

Engagement, Education, Inspiration


The DHC curates content – written, video, live – in order to provide industry leaders with cutting edge information.


DHC Summits provide marketers with a live touch point to connect with thought leaders, be inspired, and network with industry counterparts .


The DHC maintains a working relationship with FDA, providing updates and making formal comment submissions to draft guidance.

Moving Innovation And the Conversation Forward

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“The DHC does a great job with studies and research projects. We appreciate being part of the program.”

Robert Palmer

Current Projects

The Aftermath: COVID-19 Whitepaper

This expansive whitepaper from the DHC and Intouch Group offers a look at the impact of COVID-19 on pharma marketing.

Social Media Landscape

The Social Media Landscape is an ongoing research study and benchmarking project from the Digital Health Coalition and Klick.

Mobile Media – Best Practice

The Mobile Media Landscape is a review of the top pharmaceutical brands, their level of mobile “readiness” and the brands that represent the latest thinking.

“Great events! I learned a lot, and I was grateful to be able to share with colleagues.”

Tricia Brown, Merck

DHC Insights

Interview with Steve Schaefer (Takeda)

Steve and Mark Bard discuss how the industry’s communication landscape is changing.

Interview with Regulatory Expert Dale Cooke

Regulatory Expert and DHC Advisory Board Member Dale offers his predictions for 2019.

Interview with Jim Lefevere (Roche Diagnostics)

Roche’s Jim Lefevere looks at data management, a major trend for 2019.

Interview with Rosemarie Carey and Joe Shields

An excerpt from a conversation with Rosemarie, Joe and DHC’s Mark Bard.

Digital Health Coalition Network

Pharma/Device – DHC Advisory Board – DHC Scholars – DHC Donors

The Digital Health Coalition Network includes a diverse mix of pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, DHC Advisory Board members, DHC Scholars (Thought Leaders), and Corporate Donors.