January Hybrid Summit Series:

Data-Driven Decision Making

About Summit

Thought Leaders Weighed In on Data-Driven Decision Making

Held January 20th, 2022, the January Hybrid Summit Series included a hybrid of in-person and virtual attendees for one afternoon of presentations, case studies, research, and panels from subject matter experts about data-driven decision making.

Check out the video sessions, slides, and agenda from the summit below.

Sessions, Slides & Resources

Keynote Speaker

How to Structure so that Data Analytics, Marketing and Brand Are Working Together Well

Setting the Right Foundation for Data-Driven Decision Making

Panel Discussion

The Real Issue: The Last Mile - How to Create the Most Value from Data Analytics

AI-Driven Next Best Message, Action and Timing

Innovations in Data Analytics

Use Cases - Sales Force Next Best Action, Predicting Compliance / Behavioral Health

Data Driven Decision Making to Drive Scalable Mass Intimacy

Panel Discussion

Featured Resources

Making HCP data actionable: Key considerations for taking smart decisions

 Read Underscore Marketing’s latest POV that explores the four key strategic imperatives all pharma, med device and biotech marketers should be cognizant of to drive their brand and campaign performance in 2022 and beyond.

2022 Future Forecast for Pharma Marketing
Watch Now: The 2022 Future Forecast for Pharma Marketing

Tune in to the latest PMN event and hear insights from experts from industry leaders from, Novartis, Merck, GSK and more on the 2022 trends in Pharma Marketing.

Physician-Level Data and The Role in Pharma Marketing

The DHC and Pharma Marketing Network recently held a joint roundtable discussion on the topic of physician-level data (PLD) and its role in pharma marketing. Discover what drivers are used for PLD, successes and challenges, how it’s used, and where it’s headed.