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Thought Leaders Weigh in On Omnichannel

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Thought Leaders Weigh in On Omnichannel

Thought Leaders Weigh in on Omnichannel

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As marketers explore the realities of how to approach omnichannel in what we hope is a post-pandemic normal, we gathered thought leaders from across the country for a virtual meeting of the minds. If you were able to join the 300+ fellow industry members who participated with us for the DHC Summit hosted with AstraZeneca, we are offering here a brief snapshot of some of the highlights shared.

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Thought Leaders on Omnichannel Foundations and Innovations at the DHC Summit:

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Be Prepared: Omnichannel Readiness

Be Prepared: Omnichannel Readiness Checklist

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Omnichannel marketing is the ultimate customer-centric strategy. Before you begin your omnichannel adventure, you need to be prepared. Use this checklist to test your readiness.

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Underscore Marketing's Analytics Tools

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NPI Navigator is Underscore Marketing’s latest HCP-targeting offering that leverages NPI-level data & analytics insights to uncover new, highly defined physician-level audiences based on first-party data sets combined with CRM and Rx data for an actionable 360-degree view of the HCP. With it you can dive deeper into where, how, and when HCPs engage with your campaigns, providing key data points like address, decile, NPI #, specialty, data partner source, and brand, in addition to media metric likes impressions and CTR.

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Personalize Omnichannel Programs with AI and RWD

Personalize Omnichannel Programs with AI and RWD

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Artificial intelligence and real-world data allow for a new level of personalization in omnichannel HCP engagement programs – but only when these tools are used in the right way. We have a free, step-by-step guide to solving three common brand challenges, using a precision engagement methodology that aligns brand content to current HCP needs and the patient care journey.

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Adapting to New Trends in HCP Learning and Education

Adapting to New Trends in HCP Learning and Education

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Insights into the attitudes and comfort levels of Healthcare Professionals with live meetings and education in the pandemic age. This article from Healio Strategic Solutions explores to what extent the lack of travel has impacted learning about new medical information.

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HCP Omnichannel Navigator: A Platform for Making Smarter HCP Marketing Decisions

HCP Omnichannel Navigator is a novel media optimization platform that organizes and visualizes the information needed to make informed decisions about HCP digital marketing and media spend. With Omnichannel Navigator, teams gain access to market- leading, privacy-safe HCP campaign data that is presented in a personalized and user-friendly interface, allowing stakeholders across multiple organizations to make quick investment pivots and maximize ROI.

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Get Involved

On June 12th, Sermo is hosting our first Run with Peter event to raise money for medical research. Sermo is donating the initial $250,000 once 5k physicians sign up. Click below to explore our partner program to see how you can get involved. You Donate. We Donate. 5,000+ doctors run. It’s that simple!
This 90 minute interactive session on May 26th will be moderated by Fred Bennett (Bayer), Jim DeLash (GSK) and other stakeholders, focusing on the challenges to success and innovations applicable now for data-driven decision making. Invited attendees should plan to hear from subject matter experts as well as participate in this private guided discussion.
This session will provide insight on pharma’s evolving approach to HCP engagement. As physician customers become more difficult to access via traditional personal selling, brands are rethinking how omnichannel marketing can be leveraged to create a seamless customer experience while keeping the representative at the center of communication.

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