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Connected TV Virtual Roundtable

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Connected TV Virtual Roundtable

A Connected TV Virtual Roundtable

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Earlier this week, the DHC Group gathered some of our industry’s leading experts for a roundtable discussion on the topic, Connected TV, and some of the opportunities and challenges facing pharma marketers today. You can now access a summary of that conversation, focusing on the individual user experience, understanding the targeting, the role of creative, and how to measure as well as watch the full 50 minute conversation.

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DTC Advertising in New Era

DTC Advertising In the New Era of Television

In this downloadable paper, you will learn what the evolution of streaming means for pharma marketers as well as how to balance patient centricity with consumer privacy. This will also help you decide if you are asking the right questions of DTC measurement and selecting the right partners for navigating the new world of video.

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Return to Work Short Takes: Kristen Veitch

Return to Work - A DHC Group Short Take with Intouch’s Kristi Veitch

Mark Bard talks with Kristi Veitch, EVP of HR at Intouch Group, about the trends around return to work and restarting a cohesive team and office culture. Kristi shares insights on how senior leadership and department leads be effective while being completely remote and how to foster community with a hybrid team.

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New Resources HCP Social Media Insights

New Resources Added: HCP Social Media Insights Research Project

A new class of digital HCP influencers is emerging on social media. LiveWorld has been studying these new thought leaders trying to understand how much influence they really have. And where these new influentials fit into pharma and life sciences marketing plans. So, they created a video interview series titled “New Voices of Influence” hosted by their Chief Medical Officer, Umar Siddiqui, MD. Interview samples are now included on the project resource page.

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