Newsletter - May 2020

FEATURED CONTENT: The Future of Digital Storytelling from Experts

Earlier this week, The DHC hosted a Virtual Summit Series. Originally planned in collaboration with leading marketers from the Midwest region of our membership, this virtual event was held in lieu of the 2020 Midwest Summit. We would like to thank the DHC advisors, health scholars, and members who contributed thought leadership to the event!

The event theme “The Future of Digital Storytelling” was designed to provide a better understanding how pharma marketers using digital video can better story-tell. The event included thought leaders with diverse industry expertise, including Amanda Phraner (Horizon Pharmacueticals), Jim DeLash (GSK), Kati Bjornson (YouTube/Google), Brian Ross (CMI/Compas), Lloyd D’Souza (Conde Nast Entertainment), Jason Bellue (Flying House Media), and panelists Dan Gandor (AbbVie) and Eileen Sweeney (Aerogen).

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The Impact of Highly Dynamic Environments on The MLR Process

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A 6 minute watch. This video is a summary of a conversation between the DHC’s Founder Mark Bard and Sanofi’s VP of North American General Medicine Advertising and Promo, Mark Gaydos. Mr. Gaydos, a respected member of the DHC’s Advisory Board. The discussion focused on the role of MLR review during highly dynamic periods – such as the COVID-19 pandemic. A transcript of the video is also available.

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Webinar: New Patient Influencer Research

June 3rd, 1:00pm eastern

The DHC, in partnership with WEGO Health, has just concluded a survey of Patient Health Influencers focused on the impact of COVID-19 on the reputation of pharma and the needs of patients at this time. The June 3rd webinar will feature both research highlights and a live panel discussion with key stakeholders, including two patient health influencers.

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Responsive Change Management in a Highly Dynamic Environment
A DHC Webinar

Featuring: Marc Monseau (Founder, Mint Collective) and Zoe Dunn (Founder, Hale Advisors) and Q&A with Peter Dannenfelser (AVP, Communications and Digital Innovation, Ferring Pharmaceuticals). This 20 minute on-demand webinar will walk viewers through key steps of a crisis-driven change management.

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This set of infographics from DHC and Sermo offer insights on several areas of impact due to COVID-19. Topics on part one include telehealth, office practice, patient concerns, and information most needed from pharma right now. Part two focuses on the complexities of sales rep access and information needs from the perspective of the physician.”



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