Newsletter - November 2019

FEATURED CONTENT: DHC West Coast Summit Summary

The DHC West Coast Summit was held this month at Genentech in South San Francisco. We would like to thank Jay Denhart-Lillard (Neurological Rare Disease Marketing, Genentech) and Sharon Dotson (Senior Director, Digital Customer Experience, Genentech) and their teams for hosting the event and providing thought leadership in the agenda design and content.

We are happy to provide our readers with a look at the key takeaways providing during the afternoon of idea exchange. Read the entire summary here →
privacy regulations

New POV on Escalating Privacy Regulations

Via Klick Health →
Significant legislative and technology changes will soon affect the way marketers target, track, and engage with people across the web. Examining regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and privacy-oriented changes in web browsers, this new Klick Health POV helps pharmas ensure they are in the best possible position to adapt in a changing landscape of marketing initiatives.

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A Member's View: The DHC West Coast Summit

by Clare Kirlin, meltmedia |Read Now →
DHC Member Clare Kirlin (Marketing Director at meltmedia) joined fellow industry leaders at this month’s DHC Summit. We asked her to share her insights and POV based on her experience and are happy to highlight it here. Thanks to Clare for providing this fantastic event wrap-up!

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precision medicine

DHC Surveys Physicians on Precision Medicine, powered by Sermo

Via DHC | Website →
The age of precision medicine is upon us and already impacting health delivery and treatment choices. Seeking to answer some of the questions related to the future of precision medicine, the DHC surveyed 105 US physicians (a mix of primary care and specialists) on the SERMO network to ask them about their opinions about their current use, future interest, and the impact of precision medicine on their patients. The above highlights are from that research.

Decoding best practices to drive innovation within life sciences remains a challenge for most brands and organizations – as well as their trusted agency, strategic, and consulting partners. While there are a lot of experts in the innovation space, the team at Evolution Road – and Brandi Ascione specifically – has carved out a niche working with leading life sciences firms to not only discuss how to inject more innovation into their thinking – but to operationalize that innovation as well.


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