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return on insights: real world evidence

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return on insights: real world evidence

Return on Insights: Real World Evidence in Action in Pharma Marketing

Via DHC →
While pharma has been using real world data (RWD) to generate real world evidence (RWE) for clinical trials, post-marketing, and R&D for decades, the emergence and applicability of RWD to the sales, marketing, and commercial side of the house is now ramping up. You can watch an on-demand version of this month's webinar discussing the current landscape featuring Eze Abosi of OptimizeRx, Jim Lefevere of Roche, and Jill Wassil of miraDry. You can also request an advance copy of our new POV on RWD for pharma marketing.

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DHC Partner Insights

two questions about data analytics

Two Key Questions About Data Analytics in 2021

Via InStep Health →
PM360 asked data analytics experts how the digital healthcare revolution is changing data demands, and what the most effective methods are for overcoming gaps in information. Rob Blazek, RPh Senior Vice President of Networks and Analytics at InStep Health, provided his expertise to PM360 readers. In his response, Rob discussed both new data needs and capabilities that stemmed from the digital acceleration of healthcare spurred by the pandemic. He also gives insights into the power of geolocation services and technologies used to compile and compare data sets.

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supercharging your pharma marketing strategy with RWD

Supercharging Your Pharma Marketing Strategy with RWD: Takeaways from Xpectives Health Summit

Via OptimizeRx →
RWD can inform marketing strategies by empowering brands to more effectively deliver key treatment information throughout the care journey. When successfully implemented, this process drives more impactful conversations between the HCP and patient that directly influence awareness, access, adherence, and overall patient health. Angelo Campano explains how in this article.

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future of ai is emotional

The Future of AI is Emotional: A CMI Media Group POV

Via CMI Media Group →
We are all exposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) daily, often without even realizing it, as AI-powered technology has become ubiquitous and seamless in our everyday lives. In this POV, CMI Media Group experts discuss many of the interesting trends within the realm of AI, such as AI in Healthcare and Emotional AI.

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10 Tips on Getting Started with Agile Marketing

10 Tips on How to Get Started With Agile Marketing

Via PMN →
Get your free download on tips on getting started with agile marketing from the expert panelists from the PMN: Marketing Agility – The Path to Digital Engagement & Innovation panel.

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2021 Trends in Digital Advertising

2021 Trends in Digital Advertising

Via Veeva Crossix →
Digital media is giving marketers new ways to reach and engage audiences. Through our work with more than 200 leading health brands, Veeva Crossix has the unique ability to see emerging trends in advertising campaign planning and effectiveness. Read the findings in the 2021 Trends in Digital Advertising report.

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almirall's garden of innovation

Almirall's Garden of Innovation

Via Aktana →
Aktana's Clay Hausmann interviews Almirall's Chief Digital Officer, Francesca Wuttke, to learn how Almirall is sowing the seeds of data-driven digital transformation across the organization. Read on for five key takeaways from Almirall's journey to date.

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dhc virtual summit series

DHC Virtual Summit Hosted with Genentech

DATE: November 16-17, 2021
TIME: 1PM - 2:30PM ET | 10AM - 11:30AM PT

Join us for the next DHC Virtual Summit on November 16th and 17th hosted with Genentech. The agenda will featuring experts On Cx in Pharma: What’s Next, Data, and Best Practices. Register now to hear from an outstanding group of experts who will provide insights and innovation drivers on these topics.

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DHC Content

Health Equity Asset: Key Terms for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Through a shared dedication to advancing inclusivity in digital healthcare marketing, the DHC partnered with Healthline Media and Klick Health to provide health equity education on the topics at the forefront of the market today. Through this project a glossary was created to define key terms within the health equity space. We hope this - and the complete POV that the glossary accompanies - will serve as a helpful resource as we work towards advancing effective cross-cultural communication together.

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DHC Short Takes

DHC Short Take - New Episodes

A new series from DHC Group Co-Founder Mark Bard features short conversations on innovation trends with industry thought leaders. New This Month: A conversation with Spencer Curtis of Otsuka about identifying future talent, mentoring future leaders, and preparing the next generation for innovation.

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