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As we wrap up 2022, we asked several key opinion leaders to weigh in on a series of questions related to the future of digital innovation in our industry. We’d like to thank the many experts that have contributed to DHC content over the past 12 months. Whether as video interviews, survey responses, webinar panelists, or Summit speakers, the collective insights shared have been instrumental in advancing digital communication to both physicians and patients at a time when healthcare information was critical.

This collection of expert responses explores emerging trends for 2023, COVID workplace changes, new buzzwords, and macro digital trends that thought leaders are watching as the biggest potential impacts to our industry over the next five years.

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Customer Experience POV - The New Patient Journey, Download Available Now

From the DHC 

The following POV explores how individual stakeholders within pharma companies can impact the patient experience. Many of the insights that follow are derived from the recent DHC Summit, hosted by Genentech and the DHC Group, as well as additional consumer-level data points provided by Healthline Media that provide important context of audience behavior and attitudes. This collaboration of CX thought leaders from across the industry has resulted in four key themes explored in this interactive PDF.

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Insights into Pharma Market Trends and HCP Channel Preferences

From the DHC

The DHC Group and partner Healio Strategic Solutions have jointly conducted two surveys of HCPs and pharma company brand marketers to assess whether the tactics and spend pharma companies invest in are effectively meeting the needs of HCPs who engage with omnichannel models. Both surveys sought to gain a full understanding of the post-pandemic relationship between HCP consumption behaviors and pharma marketing efforts. The HCP-focused survey yielded nearly 1,000 responses from physicians, residents, and PAs across all specialties. The pharma-focused survey yielded responses from 70 pharma executives across 25+, small-to-large-sized companies. This project uses a survey model that will be repeated annually to continuously evaluate the learning behaviors and needs of HCPs and advise pharma companies on the best tactics for reaching HCPs and providing solutions to their pain points.

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