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Cross-Cultural Marketing

The Digital Health Coalition has partnered with Healthline Media and Klick Health to spark conversation and provide health equity education and training on the topics at the forefront of the market today, and on the horizon in the future. Through a shared dedication to advancing inclusivity in digital healthcare marketing, this initiative will move the dialogue forward from one of information to action and transformation.


August 19, 2021

Improving Health Equity Through Cross-Cultural Marketing

In this webinar, you will gain necessary vocabulary and language for essential conversations around cross-cultural marketing and its ability to advance inclusivity and better health outcomes. Experts will provide insights on the importance of language and its nuances.
Expertise Behind Project

Experts Lineup

Bella De Soriano
MPH, Public Health Integrity Manager, Medical Affairs, Healthline Media

Kristin Tolbert
Director, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Klick Health

christine franklin

Christine Franklin
Executive Director, The DHC Group

Bianca Jay
Senior Director, Marketing, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals

Brendan McHenry
SVP, Strategy, Healthline Media

Amy Gómez
SVP, Diversity Strategy, Klick Health

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Improving Health Equity Through Cross-Cultural Marketing

While the road to achieving health equity is not going to be easy, digital health leaders who are championing intentional change are paving the way. Experts from Healthline Media, Klick Health, and the Digital Health Coalition joined forces to provide health marketers with a foundation and resources from which to build effective cross-cultural marketing strategies.

What You Will Learn:

Necessary vocabulary

Gain essential building blocks for conversations about cross-cultural marketing and advancing inclusivity in healthcare

Tools and data sets

Gain insights and best practices to create more inclusive marketing and communications materials

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