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road ahead

FEATURED CONTENT: The Road Ahead in 2021

As we move into 2021 and consider the impact this year made on brands, and healthcare as a whole, it seems impossible to predict what lies ahead. Through the many interviews, research and Virtual Summits DHC conducted this year a few trends came to light. Mark Bard, Co-Founder, The DHC Group identified five themes to consider as you plan for next year. To gain a broad perspective from our industry leaders we asked several DHC members and advisors about their perspective on what 2021 will bring.

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Interview: The Evolving Patient Journey

Via DHC →
DHC’s Co-Founder Mark Bard recently had the opportunity to interview Dan Wilmer, Executive Vice President & CPO of InStep Health, to discuss the biggest changes in the patient journey this year.

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personal connection

Personal Connection and the Future of Healthcare

Via Outcome Health →
Healthcare will become more about personal connection in grassroots-like shifts, such that trust, connectedness, and personal ties will dominate how patients and healthcare professionals interact in the new POC. Personal connection will become front and center to how patients regard HCPs and the healthcare system overall.

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physician's predictions

Physicians’ Predictions: Healthcare Trends Emerging in 2021

Via Sermo →
Sermo takes a look at what new dynamics are uncovered through the global HCP Sentiment Studies, and how patient care and HCP engagement strategies will need to adapt.

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patient engagement

Patient Engagement in 2021: Four Predictions

Via PatientPoint →
While so much changed in 2020, one universal truth remains: Information is power and engaged patients have better outcomes. After this unprecedented year, what can we expect for patient engagement in 2021? Here are our four predictions.

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What Happened in 2020 Won't Stay in 2020

Via meltmedia →
Without a doubt 2020 will impact several areas of our lives and produce long lasting change. This article takes a look at the critical areas where the fallout of 2020 will likely be noticeable as we move into 2021.

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telehealth trends tomorrow

Telehealth Trends Tomorrow Hosted by DHC and WEGO Health

Now On-Demand
In this on demand webinar, experts from the DHC and Wego Health share results from a survey of over 175 patient influencers conducted in October. Insights focus on perceptions of telehealth currently, and behavioral predictions moving forward. Hear insights from both a patient influencer as well as a pharma marketing professional.

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Oncology Marketing - Market Trends and Research Insights

Now On-Demand
Inspired by recent research highlighting treatment and communication shifts between patient & doctor, and doctor & pharma, this webinar includes quantitative physician and consumer studies that examine what's changed, what still needs change, and how it's affecting all stakeholders in the fight against cancer.

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An Industry POV - Mapping Out Your Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

The DHC Group interviewed more than 20 leading digital marketing experts from ad tech, data firms, agencies, publishers, and pharmaceutical organizations and asked them how they plan to adapt to the “privacy-first” era—and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics.

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