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future of digital innovation in healthcare

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future of digital innovation in healthcare

Future of Digital Innovation in Healthcare

Via DHC →
As we wrap up 2021, we asked several key opinion leaders to weigh in on a series of questions related to the future of digital innovation in our industry. We’d like to thank the many experts that have contributed to DHC content over the past 12 months. We look forward to seeing how the rapid recalibration brought on by the pandemic translates into lasting change for the better as we continue to partner with all of you to improve patient health outcomes through digital innovation.

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DHC Partner Insights

pharma marketing

Future of Small and Mid-Tier Pharma Marketing

Via Underscore Marketing →
In this interview, Mark Bard (Co-Founder of the DHC Group) discusses the future of small and mid-tier pharma marketing with Chris Tuleya (EVP & Managing Director) and Jay de la Cruz (SVP, Media) of Underscore Marketing.

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hcp pharma social media predictions

12 HCP Pharma Social Media Predictions for 2022

Via LiveWorld →
The adoption and growth of social media for HCPs will continue apace in 2022. Social behaviors prompted initially by COVID-19 have become standard operating procedures. Embracing nuances and developing new approaches will distinguish effective competitors from also-rans. For pharma marketers, discerning effectiveness of social media marketing and convincing or finessing conservative medical-legal reviewers will continue to be primary challenges.

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2022 health trends syneos

Syneos Health Releases 2022 Health Trends

Via Syneos Health →
Trends for 2022 focus on new models for creating stakeholder value, the importance of prioritizing human relationships at every healthcare encounter and strengthening technology-enabled insights to speed the delivery of life-changing therapies to patients. Learn more in Syneos Health’s 2022 Health Trends report.

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veeva logo

New Insights, New Efficiencies: Veeva’s Top Life Sciences Predictions for 2022

Via Veeva Crossix →
Whether it's new clinical trial models or more connected, patient-centric approaches to data, there's a lot of change in store for life sciences next year. Here are Veeva's 2022 predictions from our industry experts.

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critical need for personalization

Title: The Critical Need for Personalization in 2022

Via Aktana →
Life sciences organizations are discovering that the future of commercial engagement lies in orchestrating deep and meaningful customer journeys utilizing a hybrid of digital and in-person channels. The ability to successfully execute personalized omnichannel campaigns will be crucial for commercial teams.

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engaging hcps by utilizing video

Engaging HCPs by Utilizing Video

Via Everyday Health Professional →
Video is still all the hype! Video has been around for years and its evolution will continue to impact medical marketing in 2022. In fact, according to Kleiner and Perkins, video remains one of the top-performing mediums among health care professionals with the average HCP spending 35 minutes on mobile video per day!

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DHC Hybrid Summit hosted with GlaxoSmithKline

DATE: January 20, 2022
TIME: 12:00PM ET
Coming January 20th to both virtual viewers and a live audience, we will spend an afternoon hearing from subject matter experts on how to identify and execute the next best action using currently available data and analytics.

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engaging hcp digital influencers

Engaging HCP Digital Influencers

DATE: January 12, 2022
TIME: 1:00PM - 1:45PM ET
Digital opinion leaders have emerged during the pandemic as a new class of HCP influencers responding to the growing demand for peer-to-peer interaction and real-time consultation. Join us for this live webinar to learn how to engage HCP digital influencers.

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DHC Content

RWE for sales and marketing

RWE for Sales and Marketing

Many organizations are exploring the possibilities related to targeting, segmentation, sales force effectiveness, and adherence, allocating growing budgets to acquire, analyze, and visualize data. In this project, DHC Group and OptimizeRx discuss the current landscape of real-world (RWD) data and real-world evidence (RWE) based on recent research with pharma execs, challenges with integration and adoption, use cases in pharma today, and future opportunities.

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short takes with Mark Bard and Peter Friedman

NEW DHC Short Takes

Mark Bard talks with Peter Kirk, founder of Sermo, about his recent experiences as a founder, patient, and thought leader. The conversation starts with a review of his recent experience with cancer and his decision to run the NYC Marathon shortly after treatment. Also, a two part conversation with Peter Friedman, founder of LiveWorld, starting with a review of his experience at Atari and then Apple – in the early days of networking and community. Peter discusses the initial drivers of community and what kept users coming back – for content and services.

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