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A Day in the Life of a Physician

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A Day in the Life of a Physician

The Physician’s World in 2021

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This month we are looking at the physician’s world in 2021. In addition to a recorded conversation with industry thought leaders, we also conducted a physician survey using reader-submitted questions. Pharma marketers were most interested in understanding what communication channels are working best for physicians now, how HCPs are staying up to date with digital learning, and what is working best as the rep relationship shifts to virtual.

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A Day in the Life of a Physician

A Day in the Life: Physicians in 2021

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DHC Group’s co-founder Mark Bard sat down with four experts on HCP communication: Erin Fitzgerald (CMO, Sermo), Matt Holland (CCO, Healio Strategic Solutions), Susan Johnson (SVP, Customer Outreach, Outcome Health), and Paul Murasko (Head of Digital Customer Interaction for North America, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals). A summary video and transcript are available and we’ve included some of their reactions to our latest physician research.

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DHC Partner Insights

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Social Listening Research and POV COVID-19: 2020 Overview

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The CMI Media Group Social Listening Report is a study of Consumer and HCP insights relating to COVID-19 across search and social, and the latest report includes an analysis across 2020. Here’s a sampling of key takeaways from the 2020 review report (see the report for more takeaways as well as identified opportunities): Doctors are busy fighting COVID IRL, but also have taken on the role of fighting misinformation about the virus and vaccines.

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Physicians’ POV: What HCPs Predict for Health & Healthcare in 2021

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For all physicians—from the ER to private practice—2021 will bring new conditions, new technology and an adjustment to a new normal. Physicians reveal the healthcare trends and topics they’re watching in 2021.

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PMN WEBINAR: Video, Voice, and Virtual: Applying New Digital Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

PMN WEBINAR: Video, Voice, and Virtual: Applying New Digital Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

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The Pharma Marketing Network’s latest webinar shared unique perspectives into the customer experience during 2020. From shifting physician behaviors to a new emphasis on growing digital technologies, hear from leading experts about new trends and opportunities that came out of 2020 and will continue in 2021 and beyond.

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DHC Events

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March Virtual Summit Series

DATE: March 3rd - 4th 2021
TIME: 12PM - 1:30PM EST

Join fellow colleagues and pharmaceutical marketers, researchers, and thought leaders for a virtual innovation Summit hosted by the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) and Merck. Over the course of two days, you will hear from both Merck leaders and industry colleagues via presenters and panelists in an interactive virtual format.

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Point of View (POV)
ICYMI: Mapping Out Your Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

ICYMI: Mapping Out Your Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

In case you missed it - This industry POV centered on privacy first marketing and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics will help marketers plan as we enter the “privacy-first” era.

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Pharma Marketers Respond to Agile Operations -Tell us what you think

Pharma Marketers Respond to Agile Operations

Pharma Marketers – We want to hear from you! Please take 3 – 4 minutes to give us your perspective on Agile Marketing/Operations. All survey respondents will receive a copy of the results, which will be shared live at next week’s DHC Virtual Summit, hosted with Merck. Thanks in advance for your participation!

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