Newsletter - June 2020

FEATURED CONTENT: The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights

In response to questions from members, DHC Group, in partnership with Intouch Group, has spent the last 6 weeks evaluating how the impact of COVID-19 might permanently alter pharma sales and marketing. Our findings are available for download now in The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights and Recommendations – How the Pandemic Will Forever Change Pharma Sales and Marketing whitepaper.

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Interview: Understanding Consumer Trends During COVID-19

Via DHC →
This month, DHC’s Executive Director, Christine Franklin, had the opportunity to interview Healthline’s SVP Sales & DTC Strategy, Brendan McHenry. This conversation focused on understanding what Healthline has learned about consumer behavior during COVID-19 and how they have been able to draw insights from trends in that behavior. Brendan also reviews the impact of consumer trends on pharma marketing and what marketers should do next.

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Separating Fact from Fiction on Patient Care and COVID-19

Via PatientPoint →
PatientPoint is going directly to the source—doctors and patients—to gather insights about their attitudes and behaviors about COVID-19 and how the virus is affecting their delivery of and dependence on healthcare. The independent research, commissioned by PatientPoint through L Catterton and in collaboration with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, is intended to provide an ongoing benchmark of real doctor and patient insights on COVID-19.

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The Impact of Pharma Marketing During COVID-19

Via WEGO Health and DHC →
WEGO Health partnered with the Digital Health Coalition to present a webinar on patient communities' perceptions of pharmaceutical advertising during the unprecedented times we face due to the impact of COVID-19. Now available on-demand: exclusive new findings from a survey of over 150 patient influencers across more than 80 condition areas with a discussion led by a panel of both Patient Leaders and key pharma industry stakeholders.

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What Physicians/Consumers Want and Need from Pharma—Engagement, Preference & Need in the Wake of COVID-19 Recovery

Via CMI/Compas →
CMI/Compas has published their latest insights in a two-part series of reports that update on the company’s studies of both Consumer and HCP audiences during COVID-19 outbreak and now recovery. The reports are based on new survey data of both audiences, with actionable recommendations from CMI/Compas media experts.

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Practice Reopenings, Telehealth, & Sales Rep Access: A Look at COVID-19 Industry Implications

Via Sermo →
The Sermo HCP Sentiment Series was created to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the medical community and identify new ways our Industry partners can support healthcare professionals during these changing times. In Part III, Sermo explores physician perspectives on the timeline for returning to “normal” patient activity levels, and in turn, the impact on HCP access for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies moving forward.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Health and Media Behaviors

Via Crossix →
After nearly three months of restrictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, most of the country has started to re-open, and people are emerging from their lockdowns. In order to help pharmaceutical companies assess their strategies, Crossix has been monitoring country-wide health and media behaviors through the Crossix Data Platform.

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dhc virtual summit series

VIRTUAL EVENT: DHC East Coast Summit is Now September Virtual Summit Series

September 23/24, 12:00 - 1:30 eastern

The DHC, with host Novartis, is converted the originally scheduled East Coast Summit to a virtual event. The September 23/24 online summit will feature research highlights, case studies, thought leader POVs and panel discussions with key stakeholders addressing the opportunities and challenges of "the new normal".

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Biggest Impact on Pharma Today Video Interview - a 9 minute watch

This video is a summary of a conversation centered around digital transformation between the DHC’s Founder Mark Bard and David Davidovic, Founder of pathForward and member of the DHC Advisory Board. David shares insights on how the current COVID-19 environment has made an impact on the pharma industry so far. Watch the video or read the transcript below for David’s perspective on potential outcomes of a rapid shift to a digital first world.

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How The Moment of Care Evolved During COVID-19 Video Interview - an 11 minute watch

This video is a summary of a conversation between the DHC’s Founder Mark Bard and Outcome Health’s CEO, Matt McNally which took place at the end of May 2020. Mark and Matt focus their discussion on the ways that the moment of care has changed during COVID-19. Watch the video or check out the transcript below to learn more about how things trended in March – May, and what we might see next, based on Matt’s extensive knowledge of the physician office dynamics.

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