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Social Media Engagement

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In an ongoing research partnership, the DHC Group and WEGO Health have surveyed over 250 patient and patient leader members across 150 condition areas to understand the role of social media as it relates to health decisions, what channels patients are leveraging for healthcare related information, what channels they trust most as it relates to healthcare information, and what types of content they’d most want to see from pharma on social media.

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DHC Partner Insights

tips for getting creative in social media

Tips for Getting Creative in Social Media While Remaining Compliant

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You know your brand needs to be compliant when marketing in social media. But within the constraints placed by your internal regulatory approval processes (and the FDA and FTC), how do you break through the clutter and get your brand noticed? Read our top 6 tips on how to create higher-performing campaigns that receive the green light from your MRL from the get-go. To dig even deeper get the guide Creating Pharma Social Content That Resonates.

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Harnessing Social Media to Create Authentic Patient Engagement Experiences That Improve Health Outcomes

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Patients are spending more time searching for information on social media platforms. While this is fundamental to the growth of “healthcare consumerism,” the resource they most often turn to can contain massive amounts of misinformation. The foundation to an authentic experience on social media is to consistently provide trustworthy information where patients can engage with it.

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At the Intersection of Engagement and Analytics

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Social media forced its way into the marketing mix with the speed and impact of a bullet train. Seemingly overnight, marketers needed a well-devised strategy for social media as a reliable channel for direct customer engagement. Simultaneously, business executives were discovering and integrating analytics and metrics across all their digital channels. This article examines where and how can these two parallel paths intersect.

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Privacy Data Preparedness: How to Prepare for a Post-Cookie World

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A new whitepaper from CMI Media Group gives background on cookies and everything related that healthcare marketers need to know, including important next steps to prepare for the post-cookie future.

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leveraging kol-based-paid social drivers

Leveraging KOL-Based, Paid Social Drivers to Connect HCPs with Promotional Medical Education Content

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Paid social presents a growing opportunity to engage with HCPs beyond traditional channels such as print, email, and targeted display. Outside of purely endemic platforms, it is generally understood that HCPs are people too. Leveraging social media channels can build on their more “casual” media engagement behaviors to increase overall unique reach.

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DHC Events

May Virtual Summit Series

DATE: May 5-6th 2021
TIME: 12PM - 1:30PM CT

Join fellow colleagues and pharmaceutical marketers, researchers, and thought leaders for a virtual innovation Summit hosted by the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) and AbbVie. Over the course of two days, you will hear from both AbbVie leaders and industry colleagues via presenters and panelists in an interactive virtual format.

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DHC Content

DHC discussions at DIA 2021

DHC Discussions at DIA 2021

DHC Advisory Board Member Dale Cooke and DHC Group Co-Founder Mark Bard brought together experts to discuss a few of the coming trends for health and pharma HCP & Patient Marketing during the March 2021 DIA’s Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference.

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dhc virtual summit series

March Virtual Summit Resources

If you missed the March DHC Virtual Summit held earlier this month in partnership with Merck you can now view all the sessions and slides. While our focus is on social media engagement this month, be sure to check out the expert panel on Day 1 "The Evolution of Pharma’s Engagement in Social". You can also view the transcript.

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