Newsletter - November 2020

FEATURED CONTENT: The Role of the Marketer of the Future

At the November 2020 DHC Virtual Summit hosted with BMS, we had the opportunity to bring together pharmaceutical executives to discuss and react to DHC Group research on the Role of the Marketer of the Future. This research project was conducted with McKinsey and Company and shared by Brian Fox (Senior Partner) with attendees of the Virtual Summit.

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Mapping Out Your Privacy-First Marketing Strategy

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The DHC Group interviewed more than 20 leading digital marketing experts from ad tech, data firms, agencies, publishers, and pharmaceutical organizations and asked them how they plan to adapt to the “privacy-first” era—and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics.

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future market leader

Agility Will Determine Future Market Leaders

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In order to thrive as a marketing professional tomorrow, you have to throw away today's playbook and reimagine your role from top to bottom. An omnichannel data strategy and proactive innovation will also be mandatory.

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4 key lessons learned from working through pandemic

4 Key Lessons from Working Through the Pandemic

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Erin Fitzgerald, Sermo's CMO, reflects on the lessons learned this year while navigating the multitude of work challenges during a pandemic. She shares some of the ways the Sermo team became stronger and learned to work together better during office closures.

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telehealth trends tomorrow

LIVE WEBINAR: Telehealth Trends Tomorrow

December 3, 12:00 PM - 1:45PM EST

The DHC and WEGO Health will be hosting a discussion on December 3rd on the future of telehealth trends. Hear insights from both a patient influencer as well as a pharma marketing professional.

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covid and cancer market trends and research insights

LIVE WEBINAR: Covid and Cancer - Market Trends and Research Insights

December 10, 1:00 PM - 1:45PM EST

Inspired by recent research highlighting treatment and communication shifts between patient & doctor, and doctor & pharma, this webinar will include quantitative physician and consumer studies that examine what's changed, what still needs change, and how it's affecting all stakeholders in the fight against cancer.

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dhc virtual summit series

November Virtual Summit Series


Earlier this month DHC and BMS hosted two 90 minute sessions over two days, featuring research highlights, case studies, thought leader POVs and panel discussions with key stakeholders addressing topics such as the role of the marketer of the future.

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